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Astrology is a valid science, but has been ignored and condemned by the ignorants everywhere.?

Why is it denied like this? Can’t they wake up?


  1. Please show me the evidence that “Astrology is a valid science”. Show me examples of experiments that follow the scientific method and prove consistency.

  2. How is astrology a valid science? Explain the basics to me. How does the position of celestial bodies affect our lives? If you can’t answer this basic question, no.
    Baronvonstrudel, there’s still no actual evidence that it’s real. Anecdotes can be used to “prove” absolutely anything.

  3. Astrology is not a science. Science is a discipline that attempts to know/understand/identify the universe through use of the scientific method.

  4. It’s a science to a certain extent. By no means am I trying to bring down such an exact and accurate art, but it’s not completely in the same category as other sciences.
    edit: People ask for evidence. In a court case in NY decades ago, the judge allowed a radio astrologer to continue her show because of the accuracy of her predictions. Given the birth information of an anonymous person, she drew up a detailed description of his personality, and she also predicted that he would die a watery death. To the astonishment of the court, the subject was the judge’s son, and besides having her descriptions being extremely accurate, he had died a few weeks earlier from drowning.
    I’ve had my chart calculated by a person with more than 3 decades of experience in astrology. She knew things that I had never told ANYBODY.

  5. After being introduced to Astrology in 1947 by receiving a 30 page single spaced Reading, I was so amazed by its accuracy that I have made a life long study of it which has been the most rewarding investigation I have ever pursued.
    To doubters I recommend doing a few FREE horoscopes of yourself and friends – particularly your children. Particularly valuable for Teachers. Go to this website:
    http://www.alabe.com/FreeChart and let me know your results.
    Let there be LIGHT!
    Kanya Vashon McGhee Age 84


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