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Astrology has been proven scientifically to have no merit, why do you continue to believe?

Scientists have proven the weight and/or mass of the doctor delivering the baby has more of an impact on a baby at the moment of birth then does the gravitational effects of the moon or distant planets. So why do you still believe (if you do)?
It was disproven that more earthquakes happen when Jupiter and Mars are aligned. Just not so, I am afraid. Next.


  1. something to do. break up
    mundane life.
    I never knew that they knew that though.
    Thanks for teaching me my knowledge
    of the day! lol

  2. I don’t believe, but it’s so pervasive in my culture, that I find myself thinking in those terms anyway, sometimes.
    I sometimes wonder if people don’t adopt the traits of their star sign either semi- or un-consciously, just because it is so pervasive. If I kid who was born on Jan 5th grows up reading and hearing that because he’s a Capricorn, he’s sure-footed, good with money, and organized, then a part of his mind that believes that, gives himself permission to be those things.
    To me, that explains some weird coincidences about astrology: like everywhere I worked as an interpreter for the Deaf, 90% of the interpreters were either Leo or some other fire sign. If we read that fire signs are magnanimous, intelligent, show-offs and don’t mind being the center of attention about stuff, maybe all the times we heard/read that about ourselves growing up, allowed our subconscious psyches to develop that way, and poof: big-hearted people, who don’t mind the limelight, become interpreters to both help people communicate and so that people will be looking at them as the focal point of that communication.
    Just my theory.

  3. Because it is fun, enjoyable, entertaining, and interesting.
    Besides, science changes its mind a lot. One year, statistics show that cholesterol is bad for you. A couple years later, they say “oops” only certain kinds of cholesterol are bad for you!
    At least relions and beliefs stay constant, and don’t change their mind with every new discovery.

  4. 会いたい今 優しい君に 桜キッス トキメイタラ 蘭漫恋しよ

    False hopes.

  5. It’s all nonsense, and I don’t believe a word of it.
    Except… that it might just possibly have been founded on a grain of truth, in the sense that the time of year people are born may have a slight influence on their subsequent development, especially in societies which are more at the mercy of the natural world. If your mother was pregnant in the winter and suffered hunger and cold, you may tend to have slightly different temperament to someone whose mother was pregnant from (say) spring to autumn when food was plentiful and the weather was warm.
    Just a thought…

  6. Why did it NEED to be proved scientifically? It should be self evident that there are 12 signs and 6 billion people in the world. Are 500 million of them going to have exactly the same sort of day every day?

  7. It can give insite to personalities. It is fun, and entertaining. Do I alter my life because of what the horoscope says? Hell no!

  8. Lol i dont believe in it but it has been proven that when planets allign like jupiter and mars more earthquakes happen.
    But thats because of gravity. like the tides)
    Uum `epona“ you cant say you dont `believe` in sceince because it changes. Look how far the christian religion changed in these past mellinium.
    Just because you hear in the media that some theory has been proven wrong it doesnt meen you can go on about something like evolution being wrong too.

  9. Oh so I suppose next you’re going to tell me that an idea has to have merit to be believable? Hey… the space inside your head is a free thought zone, you can believe anything you want.

  10. Belief is what keeps us going, ie “ï will win the lotto” or “we will get pregnant this time” with out belief the human is just a shell we need this emotion as much as we need love and hate to give us our own direction in life.
    if we want to go the scientific way what about the rule of chaos. Not every thing in this would can be explained by a person in a white lab coat and a piece of chalk.

  11. Yeah, I guess someone pushing and pulling does have more effect on one then say,…gravity or the effects of other planets,.smile. My friend Even Science agrees we are one with the universe,…ummm aaaaa yup. When a drop of water falls into a puddle, does it not cause a ripple,…yes!
    We are one with the universes,..peace baby!
    ( I had to get that in there,..smile )
    O.K. sweetie, The tides in the ocean are affected by ,….hmm?
    We are what,..2/3rds water,…with a little electricity.
    (thrown in for fun,.tehe)

  12. I don’t care what scientists have proven. Remember when they proved they had found some kind of neanderthal skull and dated it back like really old? come to find out it was a monkey skull and it was like 1000 years old. I bet that hurt to admit.

  13. Humans are naturally pack animals and very curious. So ninety percent want to follow and ten percent lead whether they should or not. Jim jones, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Ming, Alexander. One person with an idea is very powerful and someone without much to believe in wants something to follow however abstract.

  14. I believe in everyone of us we have our own microcosmic orbit. This would have a reaction to the bearings of the orbits and alignments of the planets around us. I believe in gravity, I believe in gravitational pull. I believe we as humans are composed of mainly water, I believe the earth is composed of mainly water, and I know that when I spin a bucket the water sticks to the bottom. and doesn’t flow out. That tells me there must be some external effect from the gravitational pulls of other celestial bodies in our universe.
    I do not believe my daily for cast I get from Astrology.com. Or anything else one is encouraged to spend money on for that matter. To me it is not written in stone, but does have some validity.
    I am no scientist.:P

  15. I do believe, but obviously you haven’t studied enough to understand the complexity of casting an astrological chart. Your birth sign is only one of many factors present at your birth. You can choose the sex of your child by using astrology. When coupled with numerology, astrology will give a picture of a person, his/her motivations, challenges, and potentials. However, in our “I want it RIGHT NOW” world, very few are willing to research it and own up to the truth about themselves and their choices.

  16. People need something/someone to rely on. Believing in astrology and/or god is just the same. Its what keeps them going. they dont know if it’s true or not but they have faith in it. The only thing they can most rely on is their conscious and therein lies the god and astrology. They cant have faith in anyone else more than their own mind.
    Its complicated to prove but the good thing is a lot of people get good direction and meaning in their life because of believing in this.

  17. Unfortunately people (or at least some people) seem capable of believing in anything.
    And also DISbelieving anything.
    One further problem with the “rule” of Astrology. It depends upon being “born” under EXACTLY the SAME stars etc, at precisely the SAME moment of each calander year. However they never took into consideration the following.
    1) The calander year VARIES! Note that every 4th year we have to ADD a day. EXCEPT for every century mark.
    2) The earth PRECESSES in its orbit. This means that the earth is NEVER EXACTLY under the same stars two years in a row on exactly the same time and date.
    3) The stars are actually MOVING.
    Of course there are quite a few people out there actually making important decisions based on Astrology. I find this pretty pathetic. And also SCARY when it is someone who might be RUNNING our country. Notably Mrs. Regan brought in astrologers into the WHITE HOUSE.

  18. because i love being an aquarian
    and i love equally being a typical aquarian
    how was this proven?
    what tests?
    how long ?
    by who?
    how many years of study?
    how many different fields of study?
    you may say they have proven that, they may even say that
    but that wont affect my pagan beliefs about nature
    and i know nature, including the moon and gravitational pull affects me and others
    just cos science says it has no “merit” doesnt mean its “PROVEN” to not be true
    thats just a word
    their description of why they dont try to actually prove it
    look at darwins “theory”
    it went un proven and said “scientificaly to have no merit” for hundred or so years
    then it was finally proven
    cos soemoen ACTUALLY decided to do the work instead of sit on their a**es saying ‘oh yeah the scientists opinions whtout any basis are always so valid and correct i MUST believe them then’
    his theory is now seen as FACT
    so just cos they say its not true doesnt mean they are correct
    thtss just their OPINION
    not fact
    i believe in logic and rationality
    nature afects us,. i KNOW that
    its logical, ration and factual, i see it every day
    i believe, because i KNOW
    i dont need scientists to tell me everything in this world
    i can find out and learn by myself
    its a shame anyone else needs to hear it from them, or someone else, to think they know it all
    they really dont

  19. Cuz iffen it wuz good ’nuff fer Jayzus, it be good ’nuff fer me. I mean whut about them wise guys at the manger ‘n stuff? B’sides, everbody knows it ain’t grabbity. It’s love. All them stars in Pisces, they loves me.

  20. There is so much more to Astrology then what day you were born. But if your not into it then your not into it. But if your going to believe what a guy in a white jacket says then thats what you believe. What difference should it make to you if I believe in what the Chic in the gold jacket says? Peace and Blessed Be

  21. I’m not specialized in that field each of us have different missions depend on the man upstairs I’m a reporter for him because I’m destiny of life.

  22. I think I already answered that in your last astrology question.
    However to reiterate, here is an example how lunar cycles affect people and things:
    I have a friend who is a psych-nurse, and just before and on the full moon residents become more restless, angry and more prone to outbursts and acting out aggressively. Many health professionals who work with schizophrenics, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients also show a marked wave of similar behaviour during this time.
    Maybe it cannot be 100% proven true or false – but people are very much affected by lunar cycles.

  23. I’m going with icarus62 on this one. I think that seasonal sameness may cause behavioral sameness. I think we need Squirrel Cage on this one.


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