Astrology as a religion?

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Is there more to astrology than love horoscopes and personality readings? Are there actual beliefs involved with Astrology such as heaven, right and wrong, etc. I know Astrologers believe in past lives, so would that link them to other reincarnation religions such as Hinduism?

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Reileah 2.0

Most pagans follow astrology, but it isn’t a religion in and of itself.

Dreamstuff Entity

no, it’s superstitious nonsense unrelated to religious superstitious nonsense.


Astrology is mainly followed by Paganists.
But,its NOT a religion itself.

Grayson Graham

Pantheism might be the religion your looking for. Here’s a sight with more information on it


Both Religion and Astrology are nonsense.
See the lines from the Hindu scripture “Sivajnana Deepika”
“Nanaa kapada sastrani prapanja kathithanivai
drishtwa viswasa poorvanthu vidwanapi chalatyaho”
(A lot of false science or scriptures are proclaimed in this Universe. Even the knowledgeable persons have been mislead by believing them)”


Astrology is NOT a part of Hindu Religion.

Amma's Child

This is a good article on the topic of Vedic Astrology and religion:


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