Astrology – Are Virgo men annoyed easily & are they resentful? How can you tell if a Virgo man is interested?

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yes we are for some reason. We would be interested if we talked to you more than once.


i wouldnt say annoyed easily, we are perfectionists, everything has to be perfect and if it isn’t than yeah i’d say we would get annoyed, as far as interested well if your talking about being interested in a certain girl well as long as your not out to cause us pain (emotional) thn we are definetly interested in you, remember the virgo sign is a woman so we are more loving and expect it in return.

Enchanted Gypsy

If you knew anything about astrology you would know that the Sun Sign (Virgo in this case) is only a minor part of the total. The rising sign is often more dominant. Not to mention the positions of the other planets and the moon. You simply cannot lump 1/2 of the population of the world into one group and expect everyone to be the same. If that was true then all Virgos would be serious neat-nicks and organized and all Aries would be hot-heads and very disorganized! This is why the horoscopes in papers and such are very general and the information they give for each sign could easily apply to everyone. In other words, they are BS! BTW, I am an astrologer.


Each and every one is an individual. Are all white people tall. Are all green people blue. Are all people a sleep.
You need to trust you instincts, feel the Truth. Trust you, love you and believe in you.
xo from a Virgo man


Thanks for the feedback virgo i am one truth….i now know to follow my truth…reality is no one really wants just one person. God made to many of us to go around… so face it, men are going to do whatever they e want and so should the woman


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