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astro projection??

In astral projection the astral body leaves the physical. The astral body is one of seven sheath bodies we all have – as we are all multi-dimensional. These bodies include the physical, mental, causal, etheric, emotional, spiritual. some people can astral project naturally – and have been doing it for years. Other people are afraid to leave the physical body and struggle with it never being able to astral project. Ive just herd abot this what do you think??? (search it)


  1. Out of body experiences do happen, often while coming out of sleep. As far as whether you’re truly leaving your body on some level, or it’s just some realistic hallucination – the jury is still out on that.
    (BTW, it’s ‘astral’ projection, not astro.)

  2. I believe in Astral Projection. I’ve done it on accident before (which bites major butt, let me tell you).
    Many will say (have said) it’s BS.
    Believe it if you wish — it’s your own choice.
    – 17 yo Pagan

  3. i have done astral projetion for some time I wouldnt know the theories and all bc have been doing it naturaly for as long as i can remeber. It is a gift and can be a curse be careful how you use it

  4. It’s bullshit. If anyone could actually prove they could do it (which would be very easy to do if they could) then they could win a million dollars and open up a whole new field of science. But they never have – because they can’t. This guy will give anyone a million for a 5 minute demonstration http://www.randi.org .
    Hey, all the people giving me thumbs down – really, if I’m wrong, prove me wrong and win a million dollars. No down side. I’ll admit I’m wrong.

  5. Try to find a book called “journeys out of the body” By Robert Monroe, He suddenly became able to do it, and this book cronicles his “adventures” and what he learned about it.
    I believe I have done it once as a child, by accident, but I havent been able to repeat it. Many people say they can tho. And there will always be people who claim these sort of things cant happen, Well, I disagree…

  6. I always have them by accident, mainly because my fear, at the last instant, if I am trying to do it breaks my concentration.

  7. I’ve done it, and practically anybody can be trained to do it. Feel free to consider it “BS” or imagination if you want, but you ought to try the experiment before you settle into an opinion. It’s not even necessary to theorize about what the so-called “astral plane” really is. The fact is that if you follow certain procedures, you can get “there.”

  8. Astral pojection isnt so hard as it sounds. You just have to envision all of your dreams and imaginings manifesting outside of you as a body. Then just step out into it. You dont need to use complicated invocations and circles and whatnot, although its safer.

  9. I know for a fact that your astral body can leave your physical body. I’ve had it happen to me accidentally, but I’ve never been able to duplicate the experience. When I brought my first child home from the hospital after giving birth, he woke up about 2 a.m. like most newborns and I knew I had to get up and feed him. My body was so physically tired that I did managed to swing my legs out of bed and sit on the edge of the bed for a minute. OK, here’s where the weird part happens – I got up, walked about half way to the nursery, about 10 ft. or so, and realized that my body was still sitting on the edge of the bed. I promptly went back and got my tired butt and fed my baby. I never will forget that.

  10. The ability to astrally project or having an out of body experience is very much real. I know this for fact because I have been doing this for years now using meditation and sometimes it happens during sleep (different from a lucid dream).
    When experienced, it feels 100% real, just like a strong acid trip (which I have never experienced or ever plan to), an intense dream or the illusions a certain type of schitzophrenic may experience. The brain is capable of generating any type of sensory experience with no external stimulus.
    However real it seems, I do not believe for a moment that anything experienced is reality in any way. Like has been said numerous times, if astral projection was real, people would be using it to get rich, spy, explore space, blackmail and an infinite list of other things. I have tested it myself to see if I can distance view an area I have never fully explored to find something I can later confirm in reality and have come to the conclusion I had expected, none of it is real. However, the details your brain can generate are extreme, dew on leaves, tracks on the ground, an ant crawling across a petrified piece of tree, a strand of spider web- things you don’t consciously think of all that much that exist in reality are put there by your mind.
    Having said that, the experience is extremely fun, as is lucid dream (being self aware during a dream and able to control your surroundings). Lucid draming is a whole different experience and topic: Imagine yourself with unlimited Godlike powers and able to do what you want with no consequences!
    Astral projection is a bit different (for me) as I can’t control my percieved enviornment consciously as I can in a lucid dream, but I can direct myself to go to a certain type of place (sometimes) based upon what I want to do. I am also non-corporial in an astral projection as opposed to fully solid with the ability to fully interact in every way in my enviornment in a lucid dream. Astrally, I have traveled to a fantasy glade with elves and fairies that spoke old English in a kind of Irish accent (what’s the chances of that being an alternate reality? 0%) Astrally, I see everything clearly, can sometimes interact and experience some feeling of wind, sunshine and smell, but not much as far as touching and taste. In a lucid dream I can go to the same elven glade and be there fully as it was me in person and do anything (and I mean anything) that I would be able to do in reality with no consequences. Most people reading this have probably experienced a lucid dream a few times but it takes some effort to develop your mind to fully remember every detail and to fully control actions, surroundings and staying aware during the dream for extended periods.
    Curiously, several aspects of my astral ‘travels’ have the hallmarks of the standard occult view of the phenomina. The main one being I often (not always) have the silver strand coming from my navel that leads to some unknown destination. I find this easy to explain as I had researched this subject before I started ‘projecting’ and my unconscious mind is supplying things I was told to expect even though I do not believe them to be reality.
    The only uncomfortable part of astral projection, for me, is the sensations you often feel when using meditation to invoke the experience from a waking state. Often you hear strange noises, feel vibrations and then can have pain, experience strong electric current feelings in the head and feel like you are suffocating. You need to learn to ignore these feelings and not fight back to full awakeness. Some of you may have also experienced these same uncomfortable feelings when not trying to astral travel from sleep, usually when your sleeping at a non normal time and have already woken and went back to sleep several times. This is the prelude to astrally projecting. If you fight the feeling, you’ll keep waking up instead of ‘projecting’.
    Recently, I have been using a mind machine to get into a medatative state to ‘project’ and have found it more reliable and faster then using just meditation and affirmations. By reliable, I am talking maybe 1 out of 15 successful projections with a mind machine during approx an hour long session of getting into the state as compared with maybe 1 out of 40 successful ‘projections’ by just meditation. It may seem like a low number for the effort put in, but the results for me are far worth it. I enjoy lucid dreams more but the results are much more hit or miss for me and they can’t be consciously invoked by me like an astral projection from an awake state. Not to say astral projection is not extremely fun in it’s own right!
    Sometimes I suspect people who can astral project may be slightly schitzophrenic or prone to it as the percieved reality we can induce seems much like the experience they involuntary endure, only ours is more controlled and we fully understand the events are not reality or at least a different type of reality.
    Not for everyone, for sure. Also not much to gain other then maybe some stress reduction from the meditation. But it is fun and really, most things we do in life for pleasure are for fun and not for an end goal.


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