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astral traveling… ?

I’ve read some other astral traveling questions on here and they said that they feel some “vibrations”. I also looked things up on the internet on it. I’ve tried to astral travel only twice so far but it never seems to work. my eyes feel like they are stuttering, is that a vibration??? and exactly how do you astral travel? because it feels like I’m doing something wrong. does it need to be really really quiet, because my AC comes on but it’s not that noisy yet i can still hear it. and does it have to be dark?
what are some tips you do while you’re about to astral travel that you’d like to share with me?do you meditate or something?


  1. I not only astral traveled, but astral projected…that’s when you float near your body or walk as there’s more stages than people think of an OBE.
    Anyways there’s three ways that I know AN OBE Out of Body Experience happens….Deep Meditation, sleep, and when your put under for an operation. All three is when your heart rate slows down, and your spirit-soul floats out. For me it happens when I am asleep, and especially when spirits come around….This may be hard for some to comprehend, but once I astral projected to take care of a bad spirit that came back to harass me. I done what I never thought was possible

  2. I have some experience with OOBEs
    Yes it must be quite and it must be dark, and your body must be relaxed. It can be helpful to position your bed to magnetic north. try to not have any big electric magnetic fields near. This is all to help your consciousness turn inwards.
    I would suggest saying a prayer. Ask your god/spiritual guides for assistance in having an beneficial astral experience.
    play some uplifting music before you do to cleanse the area.
    If you don’t have any, pray for this as well.
    meditation and rest are key…its easier when your brain is in sync. I used affirmations, visualization, and hemi-sync to OOBE.
    The vibration is different for everyone…for me it feel like paralysis (that feeling you get form after no blood circulation but all over your body)
    sleep paralysis will have set in and fear might be the biggest barrier, but if calm… then you pass through the vial (this is the cool part:) Its important that if you do get out to have it be short to help build up ability to retain more of your OOB experience.
    I read the book “Out of body adventures” by Rick Stack. and “Journeys out of the body” by Robert Monroe.
    You also might want to look into Dowsing.

  3. Vibrations are almost exclusively a full body phenomenon, and extremely obvious – when they come, I don’t think you’ll be in much doubt! They come in several flavours, but if you think along the lines of an electric current flowing through every cell in your body for about a minute you won’t be far off.
    Noise isn’t a problem as long as it doesn’t distract you. Sudden noises can end a projection prematurely – it’s a safety reflex thing.
    Darkness isn’t necessary, just more likely, as that’s when your physical body tends to be switched off. Daytime OBEs / projections are a very good idea if you’re scared of the dark.
    Meditation is a great idea – an alert mind inside an extremely relaxed physical body is perfect for OBEs.
    Tips-wise…1) don’t give up, two tries isn’t many! 2) join this group so you can get informed answers to questions whenever you need…

  4. I’ve had a similar experience but I never intentionally attempted to do it. I am not even sure if it is astral traveling…
    It usually occurs after I have fallen back asleep for a second time that night (I’ll go to bed at around 11PM – get up at around 3AM, go back to sleep at around 4AM). I don’t know if I am dreaming or if I am awake but I suddenly would feel afraid, almost paralyzed but aware. I then can hear and feel a weird vibration/humming sound. I feel like a tingling sensation throughout me and I also hear loud wind gusting in my ears, almost like driving down a highway with all the car windows down. It keeps getting louder and louder (the wind and vibration/humming noise/tingling sensation) until I feel an intense pressure and everything becomes quiet – like the car windows were rolled back up again. Its only then I can control my movements. I don’t ever recall falling asleep, my dreams or anything before I start to get that feeling.


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