Astral travel with sleep paralysis question?

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Is it safe to leave your body while you are having a sleep paralysis attack?
When you leave your body will you still see & hear your scary hallucinations?

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Command your self to go..
safe? nothing is safe,,,
Climb high,,and never be dragged down,,


You are attached to your physical body by a chord of silver.If you are having scary hallucinations like the void, this is something else. Rest assured that within your astral travels that you will get yanked back in the physical vehicle if there are any problems.


if you are out of body you would be watching yourself go through the attack but you would not experience the attack itself for that is of the human condition not of the spirit condition. i hope this helped.
mlhlm888… He is right.


When one has reached the mental level required to leave the body, one has long previously put aside all anguish and suffering.

Max Marie, SFO

These are two distinctly different occurances. If you can pop yourself out of your body, then you can shake yourself out of the phantomania. I’d wake up first.


If I was having either scary hallucinations or sleep paralysis, I personally would not attempt Astral travel.


You experience sleep paralysis when you are in rem sleep. Sometimes people wake up and it scares them. This is different than lucid dreaming, when you are aware that you’re dreaming and can control the action. or astral travel, in which your consciousness leaves your body.
No you won’t see scary hallucinations. You may see lights, spirits, other times and places. Your body will be in no danger. If at any point your consciousness needs to be in your body, you will snap back immediately. This is sometimes accompanied by a falling sensation and you may dream that you are falling, which can be a little scary but it won’t hurt you.


sleep paralysis is a rather interesting phenomenon. Recent studies found that when you enter intense dreams, your body secret chemicals that prevent your body from moving so it won’t hurt itself. Sometimes, you wake up by accident because of some reason (your brother is shaking you, etc.) and the chemicals are still acting on you. So, as soon as you have woken, you’re paralyzed and in certain reports, the subject reported their dreams continuing while awake. This has sometimes been called the “waking dream”


The mind is still dreaming when in paralysis state. You are very aware of the fact that you cannot move an inch. When the soul leaves the body, you are aware that your are half conscious and half asleep, this can cause scary hallucinations or dreams. Your body feels like steel, unmovable, and struggling to move with all of you might. Then all of the sudden, wham, the soul enters back in the body and you wake up instantly. I hate those things, don’t you, they are so miserable. It is safe because the soul can only stay so long out of the body and the soul knows our limitations. I believe this happens all the time, but few and far between, most of the time we are not aware of it. Can’t blame the soul, it probably needs a short vacation, as well as the body and mind do. Sweet dreams.

Rachelle Browning

do any of you know what it means to wake up from a dream where you are injured and have the injury in real life even tho it only happened in your dream.


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