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Astral projection with sound technology?

If I were to try and astral project while using sound technology, which frequencies should I project in each ear with the sound technology?


  1. George Clooney listens to Boston.
    But seriously, things like AP’ing, lucid dreaming, etc are difficult to control and make happen. You must practice everyday, and find what works for you.
    Your brain works on electro-chemical signals, drugs and energy. And every person on earth reacts to both differently. Your astral mind is much more than just the brain, but you first must learn to control the mind and body before you begin to move to higher levels.
    Everyone reading this thinks I’m crazy now.. But did that make any sense? 🙂

  2. I purchased a CD from the Monroe Instutute , it has what they call Hemi sync incoded within it. It is very interesting to listen to. What it does in synchronize your hemispheres of your brain. Robert Monroe was a founding researcher back in the 60s on out of body experiences. He didnt know where to turn to for his experiences so he created the Monroe institute. I do feel that it is possible to Astral Project with sound technology. Be careful doing it though . From what Ive looked in to it is seemingly the real thing.

  3. How ever many ways of it happening , it cannot be done unless the heart rate slows down. This would be the frequency you would need, slow down the heart rate.


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