Astral Projection, Why cant i pull it off??






So many people i know have talked about having accomplished it, but i cant seem to get it down. I have tried so many times, but i always end up falling asleep when i relax.
I’ve read up on how it’s supposed to be done and all that junk, but if anyone out there has ACTUALLY done it, please give me some tips on how you do it. What works for you?


  1. That’s probably what happened to them – they fell asleep and dreamed it. Or they’re just making it all up. Either way. But there are some very easy ways to prove that someone can actually astral travel, and no one has ever been able to do so. So I think we can safely rule it out.
    To anyone who disagrees – astral travel over to my place and tell me what book is lying open on my bookshelf.

  2. You are human. Astral projection is BS. Wake up from your dreams and live in this world. Ask your creator when you die as to why you can not.

  3. Anyone saying they astral project is full of donkey dust.It can’t be done.Try lucid dreaming,it’s not paranormal but it is possible.Keep a pad by your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.That way you can remember them.Eventually you will “wake” up inside your dream.It’s not astral travel,but you won’t be fooling yourself like your friends.Or,telling tales like so many here do.

  4. Maybe you’re being protected from doing it. A spirit tried to get me to do it..when I didn’t really know what it was..but I was too afraid. I think most people who do it by accident..then they find out what it was.

  5. well I’m doing it spontaneously out of sleep paralysis i also tried methods but always fallen asleep so i don’t try any more and i don’t have to cause i can do it spontaneously don’t give up you need a lot of practice i maneged to get to vibration willingly it’s pretty cool just keep on practicing it’s worth it and there’s a web site for that don’t listen to skeptics it’s real i saw my self out of body many times once i had several Violante near death exp where i was brought to see my self out of my body (drowning)

  6. Astral projecting not working for you, eh? Have you considered the simplest and most obvious possibility?
    How long will you continue trying without success? Are you open-minded enough to consider that perhaps astral traveling is nothing more than dreaming?

  7. If you are comfortable with your methods, and the main problem is that you are falling asleep, then I recommend sitting in a chair instead of lying down. The position will help you stay awake.
    Also, perhaps practice meditation more frequently as that will help you get into the mindstate faster, and get your body used to staying awake with the process.
    Be sure to use lots of personal protection during the process.
    I hope that helps. 🙂

  8. It seems to be hit or miss. My attempts outnumber my successes by quite a margin. It IS possible, but you might have better luck teaching yourself sky diving!

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