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Astral Projection Vibrations?

I was just wondering does anybody else experience this when astral projecting or anything similar. Even if i am not trying to astral project i can ‘call upon’ these vibrations, or if you like ‘induce’ these vibrations when i want. I’ve heard that you normally need to be in a very deeply relaxed state to manipulate these vibrations, however i can do this without having to go through all the relaxation procedures. Anyone care to explain this and offer some light on this?


  1. Basically that is your body changing resonance with the universal vibration, or the Aum, or w/e you want to call it. It supposedly allows your soul to escape the body and join the universe, as a resonant exchange as mentioned in the string theory (although there is no astral projection really mentioned in the string theory).
    if you are able to do this, you should be able to slowly pull yourself from your body into the “astral” realm.
    Whether AP’s are real, or just lucid dreams, they are really cool to study! Good luck!

  2. I do. But it’s not a vibration as much as an electrical kinda rush. My arm/leg/etc. hair stands on end, the hair on my head gets staticy.

  3. What intensity? And where – full body or partial? Are they useable for projection or just reminiscent? Have you always been able to call upon them? Once induced, do they require much effort to sustain?
    Most people get pretty intense vibrations at least sometimes when projecting (on a 0-10 scale, these are about 7 or 8). To me these seem to be energetic interference patterns.
    Vibrations in a non projection / sleep paralysis / meditational state are less common. Are they generally voluntary (intensity 1-5 out of 10), or do they wake up in random or non-random parts of your body throughout the day (3-7 out of 10)? If the former, sounds like you’ve discovered how to manipulate chi / ki / qi (see http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/new-energy-ways/index.html ). If the latter, it’s closer to pranic awakening, a step on the path towards kundalini (0-15 out of 10).

  4. Well there are different sorts of vibrations. One can be very easily felt just by thinking about it. Which is that light tingling vibrational sensation all over the body. Also during meditation you can feel other more powerful vibrations. Which you can move around throughout your body & you can feel waves of it or like it’s pulsing etc. And another which is the very powerful intense vibrations you feel all through you, are only supposed to be felt like you said during a deep relaxed state. And it is these vibrations that are required to ‘separate’ from the physical. If these are the vibrations you can induce whenever you want, then you’re really onto something. But your physical body is still supposed to be asleep in order to astral project. So idk how you could really do AP otherwise. I’ve never heard of anyone being able to experience these AP vibrations at will while in a normal waking state. I can’t find any info on it either. So I really don’t know what’s up with that. All I can say is just experiment with it & see where it goes. It is a very unique ability & I wouldn’t let it go to waste.

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