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Astral Projection tips?

I have bought an MP3 for lucid dreaming. And with it, came three other MP3s: Astral Projection, Past Life Regression and Creative Free Flow. The instructions said that to get the very best effect, it’s best to listen to the Creative Free Flow MP3 first. I have did that and then went straight on to the astral projection MP3.
Yesterday when I listened to the astral projection MP3 I can see white and blueish colours. Shortly after that I can feel my arms raise up from the ground, while lying down on the sofa/bed. Is this what happens when you astral project? I notice that when I focus on the colours then my arms start to raise, and last night my wife said she seen my legs raise while I didn’t even feel them lift off the ground.
So should I REALLY focus on the colours and go with them? It says to focus on the sounds, but if I focus on the sounds then I can’t really let my mind “go” and relax. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Ditch the program now. Think on the things of the Lord. Ask Him to help you sleep and relax. You are dabbling. Not such a good thing.
    katiefish <><

  2. It takes time to learn this skill. Part of it is finding a balance between letting go and focusing…that’s the hardest part for me. Keep trying and be patient.

  3. Merely having the intent and practicing is the key. I learned by accident. Sometimes I would fall asleep after prolonged meditation and stumbled upon my ability to leave the physical vehicle. Having the intention repeatedly is what worked for me. at first I was floating around facing the ceiling, but have become much more maneuverable over time. This is not something to be rushed, and as I am coming to understand must not be rushed.

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