Astral Projection Techniques – Can You Recommend A Good Astral Projection Guide or MP3?

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I’m looking to learn astral projection techniques as a beginner.

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Yes, see the links below.


Nap during the daytime at odd hours. This will knock off your sleep patterns and can induce the phenomena (hypnogogic hallucinations and hynopompic hallucination) which are most frequently confused with astral projection.

Peter D

Are you trying to have fun, realistic dream then go for it and have a good time.
If you’re trying to leave your body behind while you travel the universe you’re seriously deluding yourself.

Jesse O

‘The Projection of the Astral Body’ by S. Muldoon was one of the earliest books on astral projection techniques. These techniques were based on the idea that each night during sleep we undergo a subconsciously controlled ‘projection’, causing the sensation of an out of body experience (OOBE).
Clearly, the most effective method of inducing astral projection was to ‘stress’ what is called the passive will — or the subconscious mind. Deep relaxation and the use of imagery as you are falling asleep — such as an elevator or rocket slowly lifting — are effective in achieving astral projection and an altered state of consciousness.
The Unexplainable site has many recommended tools to help you with this and make the process as easy as possible.


No…but my husband used to do it by accident . He was very excited that it happened. But, the second or third time he did it..he saw an old lady come out of our closet. That really scared him and he wouldn’t let it happen again. (We didn’t think any more about that lady being in our house. I wonder if that house was haunted. We got it for a really good price. My son was always scared in his room. ..but the closet was in our bedroom.)


Is it true mermaids and fairies exist only in the astral world?

I wish I knew how to astral travel to find out...but can't. What do you think? Astral is obe when you travel out of body.

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