Astral Projection Step-by-Step

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Astral projection is an out of body experience where an astral body is separated from the physical body. Astral projection is an interpretation of astral travel of an “astral body” that separates from the physical body and capable of travelling outside.

Astral body, Out of body experience or OOBE is the common name use for astral projection.

Though, this entire topic is vast and profoundly esoteric, in this article we will try to discuss certain procedures for a Successful astral projection.

There are methods that can be used in order for a Successful astral projection to begin.

The whole trick here is to go into self hypnotic sleep and trying to remember our dreams or in other terms astral projection is art of going into conscious sleep and accessing the unconscious.

It takes practice in the beginning, in couple of days you will be able to stay aware in your sleep.

To start with, go to bed in about your regular daily sleeping time.

Set your alarm clock after 4 or 5 hours to wake you up.

As you wake up, after few hours, get out of bed, wash your face and keep yourself busy for few minutes, make sure to be in positive mood, do not indulge in any stress giving activity like checking mobile phone, just spend about fifteen minutes max with yourself meditating and then go back to bed and lay down.

The idea here is to break the sleep pattern and get ready to go back into sleep. Since the pattern is broken, you will have much power over your subconscious mind with this technique.

Try to consciously go to sleep again, relaxed and watching your breath going in and coming out.

While laying down, practice Anapanasati Meditation for about ten minutes. This is the core and most important meditation before doing any psychic meditation.

Practice the meditation and just be there in that space, Pretend that you are sleeping, and say it to yourself, my legs are relaxed, my arms are relaxed, i am relaxed.

Just like self hypnosis, give yourself instruction to go to your self, part by part, bring your attention to each part of your body and suggest them to relax, and slowly slowly you are going into sleep, being aware all the time that you are not the body and you are not the mind and just a watcher.

Keeping watching your breath going in and coming out , If self suggestion can help you, try suggesting yourself, i am tired and I am going to sleep.

If you do it right, your body will enter into relax state you should be in alpha stage state of sleep

The categories of brainwaves in relation to human consciousness are:

Beta 14-30Hz (Awakened state: normal, alert consciousness)

Alpha 9-11Hz (Awakened state: relaxed, calm, social, not thinking)

Theta 4-9Hz (Asleep, dream state: Deep relaxation and meditation, mental imagery)

Delta 1-3Hz (Asleep: Deep, dreamless sleep)

1Hz = 1 beat per second; the human brain responds to frequencies between 1 tenth to 30 hertz.

During astral projection the brainwave frequencies fall between 1.5 and 4Hz.

Try going deeper in your sleep for a successful astral projection our goal here is to reach into theta stage, which are even slower in frequency and greater in amplitude than alpha waves, to know if your have reach theta stage is that you may experience sleep paralysis like situation.

Don’t be afraid here, Sleep paralysis is a very common condition characterized by transient partial or numbness of skeletal muscles and areflexia that occurs upon awakening from sleep or less often while falling asleep.

Take note that OOBE may most likely to occur if you enter the sleep paralysis state, but don’t cling for it, you may experience sleep paralysis you may not, it all depends of your physiology.

To identify if you are close to the separation of your astral body from your physical body, symptoms like hearing voices, buzzing noises, vibrations and rapid heartbeats can be observed.

Now that you have entered the sleep paralysis state, there are techniques that can be used to be familiarized with astral projection. The most common technique is called Yo-Yo. This technique is taken form “Treatise of Astral Projection” by Robert Bruce. The method to be used begins with picking a favorite place or spot in your bed room then stare and feel it. Lay down your bed and close your eyes.

Focus on the darkness as you close your eyes then think about what you saw earlier. Repeat the steps where you alternately focus on the darkness when you close your eyes create, then back at your favorite place what you stared and felt before.

Doing this can cause vibrations that will make your astral body separate from your physical body.

Second known technique is called Free fall.

Free fall happens when you think that you are falling to the ground in a really fast way. In Theta state of sleep you should imagine that you are falling from a mountain or deep valley. Sensations like the astral projection symptoms and the speed of the fall should be recognized. If you are not certain about where you are or you cannot identify whether you are in space or not then probably you are close in doing astral projection.

Third technique for astral projection to happen is staring in the darkness. You can do this method by focusing in the darkness behind your closed eyes. Stare and focus in the darkness until light patterns start to form. When light patterns start to form shapes then you are probably entering the state of lucid dreaming which makes your astral body capable of traveling away from your physical self.

For the astral projection to successfully occur, always begin with the step-by-step procedures. Remember to relax as you try these methods. For the starters, try to practice astral projection with the guides provided above, Till I post the advance techniques.

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H.G. Rose

I’ve always wondered how a person can say something they’ve never done can’t be done. Ho does that persons lack of ability make it a fact that everyone lacks the ability.

Phephile Nene


Carolyn Beasley

This is nothing but Bullshit and carries no merit..


having lucid dreams is very nice experiennce that can guide ur real life too and as about bad lucid dreams its all upon how fear u have if ur scary and have fear bad lucid dreams are common to happen try thinking nice places before lucid dreaming even if u are in a lucid dream try teleporting to a nice place if u cant just wake up yourself by closing ur eyes too much and thinking GO BACK TO WAKE UPP andd open ur eyes and ur there if not happened yet then just do a suicide somewhere then ull wake up but be sure to know if ur on lucid dream . greetings and let u know lucid dreams are hard to achieve …..


Help me stop Lucid Dreams


I have had lucid paralysis and unable to
Speak which is terrifying and all I want
To do is WAKE UP but can’t. How can I stop