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Astral projection, relaxing music, affect the session (Where you go, who you visit etc)?

So I think the only way I could fully relax in order to project would be to use relaxing music, or beach sounds or something. I’m afraid that hearing beach sounds while I am projecting will cause my astral to transport itself to a beach or something relating to that and I will have limited control over it for the things I wish to see, and I will be stuck at the beach
Do you think listening to music/nature sounds will make me lose control of my astral body?


  1. Astral projection is risky business.
    If you believe that it is possible, then you must also believe that there are other beings present who we can not see with our physical eyes.
    If you leave your body, you are leaving it open for another entity to possess. you do not want to stray too far from your physical body.
    I suggest first trying lucid dreaming and really being able to manipulate and take control of the dreaming realm. once you feel comfortable in that, astral projection is a fitting next step.
    you must also be conscious of your intention. why do you wish to astrally project, and what would you do if you ran into something on the astral plane that you didn’t have the capacity to deal with.
    it is as real as the physical realm and needs to be taken as seriously.
    Developing astral weapons is a key factor into safely traveling about.
    If you are trying to find someone specific be clear about that as you are drifting.
    also remember that our imagination is more powerful than it gets credit for. if you are visualizing and imagining talking with someone, in a real way, you are. you are directly, physically connected up to them. the more you develop this skill, the easier it will be, you will no longer doubt it if is real or not.
    As far as music and relaxing sounds… they seem to be things that would keep you in touch with the physical.
    I would almost suggest (with much caution) to fill the bath tub with body temperature water, and shallow enough that while floating on your back you needed worry about water getting into your nose or mouth and see how trance inductive that can be.
    your ears are entirely clogged and you become in tune with rhythms and pulses in the body that are otherwise undetectable.
    i hope you have fun and safe journeys, and hold them with the highest of reverence.

  2. While that *could* happen, it’s not very likely. You’ll probably get out and find yourself somewhere around your room 😉
    Even *IF* what you said happens, you can easily go to another place. (You just imagine the place you want to go to and BAM, you’re there).
    I’d recommend a site that offers free courses for this which I personally found helpful: http://www.gnosticawakenings.com/
    Hope this helps.

  3. Your astral body generally hears things local to it, not local to the physical body. If your physical consciousness starts to dream about a beach while you’re travelling, imagery from that dream may be mixed into your recollections, but this interference only occurs after the fact. When your astral aspect is out on location, the only way physical sound affects it is if a sudden noise rouses the physical body (which forces an instant return).
    To aid relaxation, you might also want to consider experimenting with alpha and then theta binaural beats. These encourage lower frequency brainwaves to develop during your attempts.

  4. Tom 1 you sir, are ignorant as there is no such thing as Alpha or Theta ‘beats’ or soundwaves. Alpha and Theta are BRAINWAVES… and are NOT audible. Its apples and oranges. Read a little, why don’t you.


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