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Astral projection-real or fake?

I’ve read that people have done it before. Traveled to places like Hawaii and such. I have Sleep paralysis (sp?) or w/e it’s called. If I tried hard enough I could probably have a OBE. But,

anyway. Is astral projection real or not. I am too scared to tried it. Because of Sleep paralysis, I often hallucinate.


  • Okay It sounds like there are some experienced astral travelers on here and some not so much which is fine but I urge you all to learn more about it before you state whether or not it is fact or fiction. I know of a great website where you can learn all about it from people that actually do it all the time. You can find it here http://www.facebook.com/ArtOfAstralProjection . I urge you to at least check it out as I feel that it can greatly benefit your life as it has mine. And to whoever wrote this article those hallucinations might actually just be astral projection. a lot of weird stuff can go on right when you leave your body and can be really intense which i think is fun. If you go into it thinking that its negative your experience will most likely be negative. Good luck and happy travels and i hope to see you all in the astral world.

  • Yes I have had astral projections from almost every episode of SP I have gotten. All I did was try to “roll” my dream body out of the real body. Astral projection is nothing more than a type of lucid dream (lucid dream means knowing that you are dreaming, which is a very cool thing because then you can work on controlling your dreams thus doing whatever you want in them). Since you experience SP all the time it would be really easy to have lucid dreams and/or astral projection. You should defenitely learn more about lucid dreams. Look it up on http://www.wikipedia.org, http://www.LD4all.com, and http://www.Dreamviews.com. Lucid dreaming has been scientifically proven by scientist Steven Laberge and I’ve done it several times as well. I’m sure that this subject will interest you. Next time you have SP just realize that it’s a natural thing your body does to prevent you from harming yourself during dreams. That may help you.The hallucinations are nothing more than dreams. It made all my hallucinations go away and now I use it for cool stuff. It’s really a gift. That’s the way I see it.

  • I have sleep paralysis too and when I was younger I did hallucinate once. It was terrifying. I have read that when you first feel the SP coming on that you can astral project at that time, but I always get too scared and am only focused on getting out of the SP. One time I was able to relax while in SP, but I just fell asleep.

  • Of course it is real, everyone has experienced it but most either don’t remember or dismiss it as just a dream. It is not the same thing as OBE. But ultimately, it is only true if that is what you believe. That is why only Christians can go to hell, or others who actually believe hell is a reality. Utimately, these things are not reality to you but it must all be experienced. Ultimately we go back to the only reality and everything else was just an illusion. You can get their now or you may take many life times. It’s not really up to you, you may only think it is up to you.

  • Done it several times. I have even told people of things my physical body wasn’t in the vecinity of. So, based on personal experience, I say yes, it is real.

  • My advice is that you suffer from sleep paralysis, you probably shouldn’t indulge in your hallucinations. I’ve never experienced astral projection, nor do I know anyone who has, but I suffer from sleep paralysis also.

    There were times when I was so tired of fighting sleep paralysis that I let my mind give into the hallucinations I was experiencing when I first began to wake up. I thought that I’d just drift back to sleep. I was wrong. I started seeing parts of my dreams intermixed with my real surroundings, and I started having the most terrifying night terrors you could imagine. And because you’re partially awake with sleep paralysis, its like its all really happening. Its too hard to distinguish the dream from reality.

    Your mind is more powerful then you could ever realize. Don’t play around with things like that, because you can’t control where your hallucinations will take you. I didn’t sleep more than fifteen minutes at a time for about 8 months because of that.

  • It’s not supernatural, and it’s not mental illness. It’s a brain state between waking and sleeping. It’s often accompanied by hallucinations. The experience can seem very real, because the person may not feel like they are asleep at the time.

  • How would you know that your OOBE wasn’t an hallucination?

    Drift by my kitchen and tell me what any of my fridge magnets say, and you might have some proof.

  • According to cutting-edge quantum theory it’s possible.

    Old School = Overwhelmingly dead universe with some consciousness thrown in.

    New School = Overwhelmingly conscious universe with some dead matter thrown in.

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