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Astral projection question: How does metal effect travel?

I’ve read that when you’re trying to astral travel, you need to remove anything metal that touches your skin. Why is that? I know that removing constricting clothing and jewelry is good when you are trying to relax and focus. Is there something significant about metal? Something that could hurt my chances of travel? Thank you for your answers.
Thanks again for your answers. I understand that not everyone agrees in Astral Projection. I do. Please at least be respectful when answering.


  1. The only thing that hurts your chances of astral travel is the fact that ASTRAL TRAVEL ISN’T REAL.
    If you’re susceptible to belief in, well, nonsense like astral travel, there is something wrong with your thought process. Either you give credence to claims without any evidence, or you have flawed standards of evidence. In either case, you owe it to yourself to read Carl Sagan’s “the demon-haunted world” to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

  2. According to the lore, the astral body (and most ghostly apparitions) is made of electrical energy. Metal usually conducts that manifesting electrical energy away from the spirit. No energy, no manifestation, no travel.

  3. Has anyone told you that you look like Anjelica Huston? I love Anjelica Huston!
    Oh, and astral projections are just delusions. It’s not real.

  4. Metals act as conduits which absorb energy from the aura.
    The aura is really a quote: ‘compressed holographic field of torsion waves’ which your body produces.
    Gold, and Emeralds, citrines, and rubies, quartz crystals, amethyst and the like are beneficial.
    Metals such as Tin, Chrome, Brass, Iron are very damaging to our aura.

  5. Despite what others say, astral projection works.
    people do it.
    i’ve done it without telling my friend when I was 12 and she asked her brother the next day whether he was in her room at 12:oo am.
    I told her I visited her and proceeded to let her know how she reacted which was bang on.
    I have no idea about the metal thing though. Sorry.

  6. Astral projection is imaginary. While trances are possible, they’re still all in your head; self induced hallucinations; waking dreams. There is no magically leaving your body. Distractions make trances more difficult, so if metal is distracting you, then remove it. But there is no aura or magic.
    A trance can be an amazing experience, but there’s no need to mystify it with the illusion that you’re actually leaving your body.

  7. I do not think that metal has any effect.
    For a lot of information there is an old book, Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe ( he wrote two more also ). You might be able to get a used copy on Amazon.

  8. Hey I have a question for those who have done astral projection successfully. Is it bad when some one interrupts and shakes your body in the middle of your astral projection meditation? If so what can happen because that happened to me right now. I was in the middle of it feeling my bodies energy come out of me and starting to slowly lift up to the roof when my mom came and and shook my body trying to wake me up to do a chore. Is that bad?


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