Astral Projection (Out of body Experience "OOBE") Science says?





Hi all, does anyone know what scientists think of Astral Projection (OOBE) and how it would work? Also may lead to a spiritual afterlife .. What do you fellow physical people think? 🙂


  1. Dr. Charles Tart, University of California at Davis has been conducting bio-physical measurements on individuals who can astrally project at will. His research indicates that out-of-body experiences occur in conjunction with a non-dreaming, non-awake brain wave stage characterized by predominate slowing alpha activity from the brain and no activation of the autonomic nervous system. OBE experiences seem to occur during a rather poorly developed State I pattern of sleep which was dominated by alphoid activity and often mixed with transitory periods of wakefulness. This alphoid activity was always 1.0 to 1.5 cycles per second lower than normal alpha rhythm. There seems to be also no REM (rapid eye movement) accompanying these experiences. It is concluded that it is in the hypnagogic state where OBE experiences occur.
    There is one sleep study by Drs. Lester and Guerrero-Figueroa in which considerable alphoid activity was reported in the sleep records as a result of chlorpromazine administration. Chlorpromazine is a fairly commonly used tranquilizer known under the trade name of Thorazine. It is now being speculated that drugs which tend to slow alpha frequency might promote OBE experiences, and this could be a possible fruitful line of experimental inquiry.
    The author has experimented with a number of available legal herbs and found that Jimson weed when smoked works quite well for inducing OBE with persons untrained in the technique. Care must be taken with this herb as it belongs to the Datura or Nightshade family. The active constituents are scopolamine, atropine, hyocyamine and other tropanes. If ingested, as reported by numerous Indian tribes of the Southwest, the herb can be quite toxic. It is recommended that only one to two grams be smoked at one time and prolonged use is not recommended. The herb has also been called thorn-apple or loco weed.
    How To Have An OBE
    An out of body experience can occur spontaneously or intentionally. The famous scientist and out of body explorer, Robert Monroe, developed a set of OBE induction methods when he stumbled upon the OBE phenomenon in the 1950s. The most famous is known as the Mind Awake, Body Asleep technique. Now, anyone can learn how to have an OBE and astral travel to explore alternate dimensions and the nature of consciousness.
    Step 1: Relaxation
    To train how to astral project, find a dark, quiet room and ensure there are no distractions or time constraints. Lie down, with the arms and legs outstretched, palms facing up and head relaxed. With the eyes closed, focus on taking long, slow breaths.
    Working from the toes upward, systematically tense and relax every muscle group of the body, finishing with the face. Imagine each body part disappearing into formlessness once it is relaxed. Try not to move. This can take 5-15 minutes to achieve effectively. Learn more easy meditation techniques.
    Step 2: Visualization
    It is natural for random thoughts and day dreams to interrupt this meditative state. When this happens, gently sweep them away and return the focus to slow breathing. Visualize sitting in a car and moving toward the horizon. Focus on the scenery while travelling along an unbroken white line in the middle of the road. Imagine the body is physically moving, drifting toward somewhere far in the distance. Keep the body entirely still and relaxed.
    There are many other visualizations to try: anything that involves floating, sinking, or falling (eg out of a plane, through the bed) will allow the awareness to drift out of body. Move all focus away from the physical body as it lies still on the bed and quash any unwanted thoughts or inner dialogue. The aim is to fall asleep consciously; hence the term: Mind Awake, Body Asleep.
    Step 3: Vibrational State
    When the brain descends into a deep enough meditation, the vibrational state will begin. Try to remain calm, as this can be overwhelming or exciting at first. This is the window of opportunity to move out of body, either by rolling or sinking out ? or by simply visualizing another place (the living room, or the roof). Do not look back at the physical body or the out of body experience may quickly end.
    The vibrational state can sound also like buzzing or white noise, and is often accompanied by complete paralysis but only lasts for a matter of seconds. It will disappear on separation of the physical and astral body. Once out of body, astral travel is achieved through the power of the mind, to any location imaginable.
    Scientists continue to debate whether out of body experiences and astral projection take place in reality, an internal dreamworld using lucid dreaming, or some other ethereal dimension. Only further OBE experiments will reveal the true nature of this other-worldly phemonenon.
    Read more at Suite101: How to Have an OBE: How to Astral Project with Out of Body Experience Induction Methods

  2. Current studies of the electrical fields created by brain activity are ongoing and every once in a while interesting findings turn up in the journals, but nothing of real significance has ever been found…
    It seems that OOBE is based on hysteria and delusion.

  3. It doesn’t work since it isn’t real, and if you can prove otherwise, James Randi has one million dollars with your name on it. Nobody has ever claimed it.

  4. Science says it is 100% made up garbage with no evidence to support it whatsoever..
    At least as far as “controlled” astral projection.
    The idea of an out-of-body experience HAS been explored a bit…and it’s theorized that when the brain is experiencing some sort of interrupt in normal function, it may put your consciousness in some sort of experience like this to account for it. Google “God helmet” for more about it…

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