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Astral Projection?…My experience PLEASE give feedback!?

I was taking a nap one day and all of a sudden i wake up from my dream, and I can’t move at all. Then I see a little boy standing in front of me pointing at me, then i think to myself that he is just a hallucination because i was experiencing sleep paralysis, and he disappeared. Then i start to feel vibrations all over my body, then i hear a loud roaring/buzzing noise in my ears. So i tried getting up, next thing i know I’m pulling out of my body, i could see my physical arms lying on my bead and i could astral body in a grey matter like substance stretching out of my physical body, and every time i tried to leave my body even more the buzzing would become more intense, and the ringing in my ears got louder, almost unbearable, it felt like pressure in my head was going to explode.while that was happening, I was sitting upward and I could hear voices and noises and i could see everything in my room even when my physical eyes were closed. I asked my self “Am I astral projecting?” “what if i leave my body and can’t get back?”, so i decided to lye back into my body and I did and all the sensations i was feeling went away, and i woke up still unable to move for about 30 seconds, then i went to go research what had just happened!!
I have more experiences after that but i just want to hear feedback first!!! thanks for listening!!!


  1. i believe you, but if you are NOT an expert, without someone to guide you, I AS A CHRISTIAN ADVISE YOU TO GO NO FURTHER. People can meet very bad…. beings, while on the planes, you may meet something you can not handle. So if you want to continue, find an expert to guide you. Do not go on you own, or you may not find your way back. BE CAREFUL.

  2. Sleep paralysis then dreaming.
    If you seriously want to astral project, you need to be prepared to document your experiences and regard them scientifically- as experimentation.
    You’ll probably need a helper, a video camera, and a number of other things to be able to distinguish between astral projecting and lucid dreaming ABOUT astral projecting.

  3. I have had many experiences like that. The best term I have heard is manitou effect. It’s nothing more than your body being asleep while your mind is awake.
    Manitou is American Indian for “Great Spirit”.

  4. The inner ears contains the sensory organs for balance. If there is something wrong in your inner ear, it is likely the cause of the buzzing noise and quite possibly the reason for your whole experience. I’m guessing you are quite young. If so, these problems will fix themselves. A young brain rewires itself a lot while it sleeps, but not so much in an older person. But either way, I’d recommend seeing an ENT specialist to get your ears checked. I’m not kidding. 😐

  5. Yea that was definitely an astral projection. And don’t worry, you will be able to get back. Your astral body can always find its way back to your physical body. That’s kind of what the grey matter is. You may notice a cord extending from your belly button (like an umbilical cord) or from your forehead. You are in no harm. The only harm you can cause yourself is emotion if you let your thoughts wander onto bad things. the vibrations come every time you are leaving your physical body. I don’t know about the boy. The noises you heard happen only around your physical body. It has something to do with the energy of your body and radio waves. Or something. I don’t remember.

  6. I have had the same thing happen years ago and have never been able to repeat it even with extreme concentration and meditation. I would be interested to know what you ate and your activities earlier that day and week. As far as it being dangerous, I think that is rubbish generated by fear. no offense intended anywhere, just my opinion. I know a good bit about the mechanism that is thought to be behind this experience. In the brain a chemical called DMT is produced in the pineal gland deep in the brain. Monks chant to stimulate the gland be resonance of vibration through the nasal cavity. i have tried many techniques unsuccessfully. Do some research on DMT and the pineal gland, you might find it interesting. Also look up angular gyrus, it is the part of the brain that keeps us aware of location in space.
    The buzzing and ringing in the ears is familiar, but I am not really sure how to induce it on purpose.

  7. that happens to me too. I’m not an expert on the subject but I think you might be right. Sometimes I experience lucid dreaming(when you can control your dreams) and after I wake up from one of those dreams I more often than not experience sleep paralysis. Now, when in sleep paralysis you might see, feel, or hear things. In my case, I usually hear a voice. It seems to me the little boy might have been a product of sleep paralysis and you only thought you saw him. As far as the second part of your story, the vibrations and the buzzing noise, to me that is an indicator of astral traveling… see, when I consciously project myself into the astral plane I feel and see those same things, along with other things
    Oh I forgot, while some risks do exist when you get scared or feel in danger your astral body snaps back into your physical body and like somebody above mentioned, you’re connected to your physical body by a “silver cord” and it’s really hard to “break it”

  8. I have alot of experiences too!UR not alone I’ve done alot of research on the un-known & I have learned that we can astral project when we feel we can’t move we’ve left our physical self I learned this helpful prayer to say before U go to sleep say Please let the White Light surround me & keep me safe & it works!Read Sylvia Browne’s books they’re great!U will learn & understand alot Trust me

  9. Here’s a few random thoughts for what it’s worth:
    Pilots & astronauts who train in centrifuges sometimes experience symptoms identical so-called out-of-body experiences. Doctors trace it to oxygen starvation to the brain.
    Type I diabetics who don’t get their insulin have been known to look at their spouse and see a hideous monster.
    A man with the rabies virus tried to jump out of a ten-story window because he was afraid of a glass of water.
    President Bush is convinced that God ordered him to invade Iraq.
    Now I’m not suggesting that you’re hypoxic or hypoglycemic or that you’re rabid or that you’re a mad politician. The point is that it’s not uncommon for people to “experience” things that aren’t real for a wide variety of reasons.

  10. It sounds like hypnagogia or sleep paralysis. It happens when you’re not quite asleep, yet not quite awake. I think of it as a waking dream.
    I’ve experienced “waking dreams,” too. One time I saw a man come into my room, and I even felt the bed give under his weight when he sat. Another time my window blinds turned into birds that flew away. I’ve even awakened from a nightmare, only to see the dream floating above me (like a hologram), still in progress.
    * * *
    “The hypnagogic experience occurs between being awake and asleep, while the hypnopompic experience occurs as one is waking up; both experiences occur within the time period between sleep and waking (or vice versa). Experienced qualities vary, and include fear, awareness of a ‘presence,’ chest or back pressure, and an inability to breathe (hence the folkloric notion of mara-like creatures tormenting sleepers), a falling sensation or a feeling of tripping, but sometimes also joy.
    “During the hypnagogic state, an individual may appear to be fully awake, but has brain waves indicating that the individual is technically sleeping. Also, the individual may be completely aware of their state, which enables lucid dreamers to enter the dream state consciously directly from the waking state (see wake-initiated lucid dream technique).
    “The hypnagogic state is sometimes proposed as an explanation of experiences such as alien abduction, apparitions, or visions.”
    * * *
    “Humming, roaring, hissing, rushing and buzzing noises are frequent in conjunction with sleep paralysis (SP). This happens when the REM atonia sets in sooner than usual, before the person is fully asleep, or persists longer than usual, after the person has (in other respects) fully awoken. SP is reportedly very frequent among narcoleptics. It occurs frequently in about 6% of the rest of the population, and occurs occasionally in 60%. In surveys from Canada, China, England, Japan and Nigeria, 20 to 60% of individuals reported having experienced SP at least once in their lifetime. The paralysis itself is frequently accompanied by additional phenomena. Typical examples include a feeling of being crushed or suffocated, electric ‘tingles’ or ‘vibrations’, imagined speech and other noises, the imagined presence of a visible or invisible entity, and sometimes intense emotion: fear or euphoria and orgasmic feelings. SP has been proposed as an explanation for at least some alien abduction experiences.”
    * * *
    See also:

  11. Need more info…
    like how long were you asleep?
    were you wrapped in a blanket?
    do you brush your teeth regularly?
    did you fall asleep with the radio or tv on?
    was the room your in warm or cold?
    was anybody in the house while you were asleep that was awake?
    was your window open?
    do you have any illnesses or history of injuries?
    how many hours were you awake before you decided to go to sleep?
    did you eat before you went to sleep?
    These are just a few of the many things that will effect what type of dreams you will have.
    When we are asleep our bodies are at rest, but our minds are still at work interpreting information received by our senses along with rehashing the days events and there are many outside influences that can effect our dreams.
    Without all the facts I can only speculate, here goes and this may help you plug-in the right reasoning’s that led to your situation.
    When you woke up in your dream you came up out of one of the many levels of sleep we reach and if you were being watched by someone they would probably observed you moving in your bed (perhaps shifting your weight or repositioning your body) it sounds like you were agianst the wall in your room or wrapped up in your covers which can cause you to feel restricted. (not trying to sound funny but tight underwear or pajamas can make you feel restricted to and cause you to feel trapped or like you can’t move) also if you fall asleep on your arm, leg or hand your body will make you think you are paralyzed as you have cut off the blood flow to those parts.
    Your dream no doubt is an amalgamated dream. You can google this term to learn more. the little boy could be anyone from your past or it can represent many things, like a voice you heard during the day or a boy you saw or know, if the boy was faceless it could be you when you were younger acting out some pass life event.
    The vibrations indicate possibly you are not getting enough excercise or to much work and not enough rest or you are sleeping with no covers and or the room is cold or drafty. It any of these are the case your skin will crawl and you could get goose-bumps as you sense a change in the room’s climate. (open window or door or drafty house or AC or heater coming on)
    ringing, sharp or dull noises, vibrating or humming sounds in the ear or ear canal can be an indication of tooth decay, cavities or simply you didn’t brush your teeth before you went to bed. also if a police car, ambulance or fire truck are heard you may not wake up all the way but it can cause enough of a disturbance to irritate you and you could continue to hear it echo as an irritating sound over and over.
    grey is a color signaling irritation, stress and possibly depression and can also be linked to your personal hygiene (teeth, breath and bathing)
    the grey substance it just away that your mind manifested your feelings that you are interpreting from outside stimulus (aching gums, ear aches, headaches etc, etc… hence the pressure in your head, have you ever dreamed your teeth were all loose or falling out?
    You have been in your room enough times to remember what it looks like and when we imagine something while we are asleep it can be so vivid that it often is hard to distinguish the difference from reality or fantasy, it is why people have wet dreams.
    You will never leave your body until you die and then and only then will your spirit leave your body, now what can happen and has happened to many people is you can be visited while you are asleep by angels and or demonic spirits. which can give you visions as they try to influence you, this is a very important reason why you should pray a prayer of protection before you go to sleep.
    You can not astral travel this subject is a trick of the devil and you may want to get a physical done get your heart and teeth checked out and if your eating within 3 hours of going to lay down stop, this causes a lot of stress and your heart has to work harder while you are digesting food. Also you may want to turn your mattress often to help it wear evenly.
    I hope this gives you some help. take care and relax.


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