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Astral projection, how to get to vibrations?

I have been trying to astral project for 2 months, and 1 month ago I felt strong vibrations in my right arm and i panicked and opened my eyes. Now I want to astral project and I have no fear, I am ready, but I can’t get to that strong vibrations, I only feel little tickling and that is it. Can you tell me your experience, how much time did it take you to success in it, how did you do it, can you explain me every step, please! Also I am practicing a lot these days, every night and morning, so please give me advice to make my practice more successful. Thank you.


  1. It took me years to get to success. But I only got so scared once I actually left my body, I fell right back in.
    No vibrating though.
    I simply envisioned my spirit leaving my body, while under intense meditation.
    Nothing works for every one person.

  2. Its not a physical experience, so you should not be getting any physical sensations as such. If your arm is tingling it’s probably because you are sitting in a peculiar position. *grins*
    Try to stop talking to yourself. We have this constant internal chit chat going on in our heads that never shuts up. Everything we think is narrated in our heads at the same time.
    You will know when you have achieved that because it creates a gap for your higher consciousness to come through loud and clear. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  3. This my friends, is a pure, clinical psychosis. Really? Study some more into medicine and psychology. You’ll realize what a load of crap this is.

  4. Hi I try every day to make a more astral projection is not easy but I am so sorry I can not help because I can give some information errada.Mas seek to relax this ok.

  5. Getting the vibrations is very much a knack rather than something you can describe usefully unfortunately. That said, try when your body is very sleepy but your mind is clear. 3am is the best good time – set an alarm but don’t turn it off as moving will reduce your chances.
    The tickling is actually a slightly different phenomenon, what you’re doing there is perceiving ki / qi / chi. It is helpful however – try to slowly spread the tickles around your body, especially where the chakra are. It takes practice but can become pretty amazing in its own right.
    Here’s a link to some free binaural technology (plus good book) that helps instill vibrations:


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