Sunday, September 26, 2021

Astral projection: How to get past the buzzing?

For months I’ve been attempting to Astral project and have failed miserably, not even getting to the first stage of concentration. Last night I wasn’t even trying to Astral project. I got out of bed to use the bathroom, and when I layed back down I couldnt get back to sleep.
So I just stared at an object, not even thinking about Astral projection. But then a strange thing happened; my entire body started buzzing in an enormously irratating way. I tried to call out to my mom but I couldn’t speak. Then I tried to move my arms, but I couldn’t do that either. I
Then I realized that this is the vibration phase, the phase before Astral projection. I tried to remain calm, but couldn’t help but getting scared. Not of projecting, but of not projecting.
When I decided I’d be all right, I tried to move my arm again and I did. Forgetting everything I had studied about in Astral Projection, I tried to get up. But I actually slowly broke the vibration and got out of bed, not out of my body.
So the question is; How do I keep a calm head and get past the buzzing stage?


  1. Imagine yourself spinning around in circles, this will increase the sensation of vibrations and at some point you will experience visualizations, a warped sense of reality, etc.

  2. you can’t pass the buzzing since there is no such thing as astral projection. it is a cool way to cheat people who are looking for mystery in miserable ways. you could easily learn another language or a great hobby in life for uselessly spent months. sorry for my discouraging answer but it is the scientific fact.

  3. I won’t knock it ’til I’ve tried it. This is all personal conjecture, but maybe the buzzing is a conscious manifestation your own fear of going into the unknown. Maybe you can put a certain relaxing but recognizable song on in the room and let it play on a loop. If you ever feel completely lost, just think about the song, and listen for it. My guess is this gives you something to pull you back to your reality, which can loosen your fear.

  4. Any fear response will instantly snap you back into your body. Every time I have an OBE I try to remind myself that nothing in the material world can hurt me. The last time I left my body, I was in the Caribbean. I spent a few week there and I was anxious to get back home. So a few nights before my flight back to Chicago, I came home, only without my body! I remember being so mad at myself because I forgot to bring my belongings. But then I woke up and asked myself WTF?!
    Then the next night, I went home again. I was sitting in my favorite spot in the house…in front of my computer. When I realized I couldn’t turn it on. I suddenly realized that I was indeed out of my body. The next thought I had was, I have to get back to my body. Then I woke up literally 1 second before my alarm went off.
    Another memorable time I astral projected, I was flying outside of my bedroom window. There are electric towers next to my house. I remember looking down into my bedroom window and asking myself if it was safe to fly thru the power lines. It was that instant when I snapped back into my body. So next time I have an OBE, I’ll just remind myself that I’m out of my body.

  5. you are trying too hard, you should really try meditation before Astral Projection. once you have found your center through meditation you can move on.
    Astral Projection is a form of deep meditation, you are trying to run before you have learned to walk.
    Relax, you are not doing anything wrong, but you are expecting results way too soon. plus moving when you have projected is not a psychical move, it is a spiritual one. you are trying to use your muscles to move, use your mind. if you are afraid of what might happen then you will never be able to project, remain calm and focused, when it happens it is more like a slip away, not a push.
    I hope that you reach your goal in the near future. Nama stay.

  6. If I were to shoot a gun in front of you, you might flinch because of the loud sound.
    If I were to shoot a gun in front of you 100 times, you probably won’t flinch anymore.
    The key is, if you keep practicing, you’ll be calmer and calmer.
    I’ll tell you this now, astral projection is not easy. Took me a year to do it, but now I’ve been doing it for 9 years. Haven’t done it in like 6 months tho…. been busy.
    Anyways, the key is
    1. Practice
    2. Never give up
    3. Proper technique and training
    4. Concentration skill
    5. The will to do it 🙂

  7. You are inviting a demonic attack or possession by attempting a demonic spiritual encounter. This could very well be what you are experiencing. It is similar to what one opens themselves up to while communicating on a Ouija board. This is no joke, I have discovered this to be absolute truth through learning and experiencing it. My recommendation is to stop trying, renounce your experimentations in the occult, and consider seeking Jesus for your spiritual encounters (as he is our creator). (I’m not a religious whack, I simply love God’s people and desire to see healing and restoration in the world as I finally found for myself). Here is a great online book that could help answer a lot of your questions:


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