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Astral Projection – How long did you have to practice?

Until your first time.


  1. My first experience was as a child. I think the problem is you and most other people are not recognizing it for what it is. You are already doing it. lol
    Close you eyes and let it take you there. If you simply can’t visualize then practice recreating something more simple, like an orange, the smell, texture, shape, how it would feel, what it tastes like, as much of the experience of an orange as possible. Then have another go at astral travel. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  2. I remember being able to do this only once when I was about 4, but you need a lot of will power, I just really wanted to be somewhere else, and I closed my eyes shut and just wished to be somewhere else, I was quick shocked when it worked but then after meir seconds I was back

  3. Didn’t practice. It was a given grace and I never ‘do’ it. It isn’t a personal choice but a grace. Without ego it is no danger. With ego is is just a more subtle realm in which to be bound.

  4. I remember I did it by accident before, but I didn’t know how to do it. Now I know how to do it, but I haven’t achieved it yet. I am mediator, and it still hasn’t worked for me yet.

  5. Well when I first started to make the decision that I would focus on it more & actually get more serious about it, I set a goal saying I would achieve it within a month. I researched a fair bit, did more meditation, & more experiments, & tried different techniques, & within 3 weeks I had my first obe. However prior to that I had been on & off with it for months, & I didn’t really put much effort into it at first. Once you really dedicate yourself to it though it’ll happen a lot faster & easier.
    Also there is nothing magical about AP either. Anyone who thinks that way is clearly uneducated in the subject.
    And yes there have been experiments done that don’t support AP. You know why? Because science is focused on the outer world. It measures things in the external world. AP is something internal. It’s hard to prove things with a flawed primitive science that is in need of a desperate revolution & is based solely on the outer world we see around us. Science is good but it’s methods are flawed, it is in a desperate need of a revolution.


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