astral projection help!!?





I really want to learn how to astral project, please don’t say it’s not true, as i’ve experienced some of it and it is proved by science.
I have gone as far as my heart beating really fast, (heart chakra)
and after that i feel numbness, i can sorta move my astral limbs, but i cant break free.
i tried 6 times today, and praise god, im a natural.
I’ve gone pretty far for one day so im happy, but i was awake all night, and couldnt break free.
are there any techniques i should follow?
ive tried rope, swing and rocking.


  1. I read somewhere that if you take a nap during the day that when you go to sleep at night you will be more likely to be able to project.
    It happened to me one time and I was totally freaked out.
    I was laying on my stomach and started to fall asleep and I felt my whole body vibrating. I felt myself rise above my body and go down my hall and toward the front door. My husband yelled my name and all of the sudden I opened my eyes and I was back in my body and in my bed.
    I read up after that b/c I thought WTF just happened to me????
    I literally made myself, willed myself, not do to it again.
    I read that bad things can happen if you are out of your body, there are certain times of year and certain demons or whatever types of things can ‘cut’ your cord between you and your spirit.
    I wouldn’t do it if I were you….

  2. Astral projection has not been proved by science. No science has ever even found evidence of it. You are getting your information from the wrong places. You need to think critically, not magically.

  3. Really? Proved by science? Funny how science doesn’t know about that. But we’d be happy to see a demonstration – there’s a million bucks in it for anyone who can prove they can astral project. Or prove chakras exist. Or gods. Sorry, sounds like you’re just falling asleep. But feel free to go for the million once you’ve perfected it – science will be waiting to make you famous.

  4. things i’ve read say this
    think of nothing (nearly impossible to do!)
    concentrate on your breathing
    if you start to feel it, don’t resist it
    i wish i could do it too… I only have ever felt like i’m sinking into the couch, lol.

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