HomeDiscussion ForumAstral projection has anyone on here done it?

Astral projection has anyone on here done it?

Explain and any tips


  1. I use to be able to but I scared myself. Now I can not do it anymore.
    tips. make sure you have a thread that is attached to your body so you can not get lost.

  2. Everyone does it. It mainly happens while we sleep. It’s just that very few people are aware of or even remember it. Unfortunately, I can never remember doing it…*sigh*
    Edit: And no, you can’t get “lost.” Our spirits always know how to get back to our bodies. It’s not like we don’t know what we’re doing in our true form.

  3. No, but I’ve always wanted to try it. I know a friend who can do it. You must be completely relaxed and you can’t get scared or you’ll ruin it.

  4. Yeah.
    It’s a lot like getting high on marijuana, or low quality acid.
    Don’t read too much into anything you see, you aren’t actually in a supernatural moment, rather you are playing a game with your physical memories and senses.
    If you have difficulty, try doing it whilst stoned for a lttle bit, and gradually work yourself up to being able to do it sober.

  5. Frank, I am simply going to give you my frank answer:
    I may have actually done it once, but I confess I do not know for sure if I did or I did not actually achieve it.
    All I do know is that I had an extraordinary, unique and profound experience, and it was shared with another, and the results were not only in shared memories, but also identical physical manifestations.
    I will refrain from delivering full details herein for the sake of brevity.
    If you want them, e-mail me.


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