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Astral Projection… Has Anyone Had Real Results While Practicing This?

I’ve been reading about techniques of astral projection but it’s really seeming like a whole buncha BS… Anyone ever have successful experiences projecting? Make you been able to make it to a specific destination such as the moon or something?


  1. By definition, the phenomenon is not real.
    You may as well ask if anyone was successful in dreaming. The answer is ‘yes’, of course, but it’s not like that is any sort of accomplishment.

  2. It depends if you believe that Astral Projection (which has a spiritual/religious belief history) is the the same as Remote Viewing.
    Remote viewing has been successful since 1974 when the military first started investigating it for intelligence use. Today experiments continue to produce successful results in both well controlled scientific experiments and practical applications.
    I have listed some informative sources below.

  3. I’ve never had any real results while trying to do astral projection. By this I mean trying to leave my body and have an astral body, with the astral body attached to my navel by a silver cord. All my attempts to leave my body and walk about have not worked; however, remote viewing and clairvoyance is workable. Clairvoyance doesn’t involve leaving one’s body in an etheric body form as far as I can recall. So I agree with you that astral projection is a bunch of bull.

  4. It may help to read on TM
    There you will learn technique and try yourself
    It is a process and some things you absorb can fog your mind and body.
    Like peanuts.
    Some herbs are helpful to clear the mind.Hops.
    not beer, hops.
    Yoga will help you begin to learn to relax, understand the waves of the breath, opening the third eye,…
    It is a process
    Be patient
    I did it once without trying also my boyfriend
    we were having sex in a sitting position and all of a sudden we were silvery things twisting around each other like twisted breadsticks, silvery, like steam, ..
    we rose up maybe a foot above where our bodies were and I lost feeling of the body and the body parts and it was a strong heart closeness but a lightness , an effortlessness…
    then we went right back down quickly into the bodies.
    We stopped moving because we were out of breath and freaked out. I asked him, did you feel that? He said he did and described just what I saw. Just what i described to you.
    Please don t say he was my soul mate because he was a real jerk and selfish, but I loved his little girl and his mom. We lived in a really remote town, in the desert, and there were lots of weird things there. Like one time I woke up and saw a blak robed faceless thing, apparition i guess you d say. I was froze. I could not move. It was right there in my bedroom and I was froze.It just stood there. I prayed to God to protect me. It went away and I lay there with my adrenaline pumping like mad.
    Check out the web sites , with more info and trying it out for yourself for a chunk of time, you can gain your own version

  5. What on earth would you do on the moon?
    I have personally been extremely unsuccessful going ATing myself but I have sent numerous people. To the past, the present, the future and even within their own minds. There is no set destination until they have reached the correct state of mind. Once they’re there the possibilities are pretty much endless.

  6. Astral projetion is not the same as remote viewing…lets get our facts straight.
    Remote viewing has a rigid protocal one follows and strong intent with a specific target. Do see Paul H. Smith site for answers on remote viewing
    Can’t help with the other, sorry.

  7. I actually have experienced this once, but was not trying to do anything. I didn’t get too far b/c I got really freaked out! I thought that I was dying and that my spirit left my body. Very strange! I don’t think it is something that you can control or learn from a book.

  8. For those who don’t get it when you dream your are Astral Projecting. Have you ever had a dream where you are falling and wake up and you as if you really did fall; that’s because you did fall. I honestly believe in Astral Projection due to what has happened to me over the years. One time I had a dream about my best guy friends had a fight and nearly killed each other and there was a fire and ambulances and other stuff. The next day I found out that they had really got into a fight around a bonfire and that one had thrown a shot gun shell into the flames and it ended up in my other friends arm. They both said that they saw me in the woods that night; however, I was at home asleep around the hour this all happened. Also my cousin, our two friends, and myself one night all had the same exact dream at the same exact time and we were doing the same exact thing in each other’s dreams. I was driving, my cousin was in the passenger seat, our two friend’s were in the back seat and we had a major accident. After that none of us ever owned a dark color car.


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