Astral projection for beginners?

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Would it be possible for me to astral project without really ‘mastering’ meditation? I’ve done it before, but not regularly. I’m just really interested in astral projecting. Can someone explain what I should do?

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Youre supposed to meditate, you can do it without mastering meditation, but its harder for some people. Meditation awakens the mind to many things.

The Reverend Soleil

You can always use the Robert Monroe* method, and start sniffing glue…

Mr. Pregunta

Astral projection is simple. You just have to make sure you are directly over the toilet.


S. Muldoon — “The Projection of the Astral Body”
Hopefully the joys, and the dangers, of such an experience will be explained adequately 🙂

Answer Seeker Kathy

Meditation just gets in the way..There is a better way to do it.


You have never astral projected. And you can’t.

son do work

you can try using binaural beats as you attempt to astral project, but I’m pretty skeptical if anyone can really astral project…


No you don’t have to master meditation to astral projection, meditation is a self paced process and it’s not really something to “master”. What the Saints and Monks do to meditate is in fact astral projection, they go out and by focusing on whatever topic and questions they gather information from higher sources, you normally astral project while asleep, the main goal is to astral project consciously. The source I’m posting below teaches some easy steps in how to astral project even the average joe can learn how to astral project, you don’t have to be some special “star child” or “Indigo” whatever, you can always join the forum and ask questions too seems like a new place but their methods are thorough.


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