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Astral projection efforts, hints tips and ideas wanted?

Okay, so essentially when I began astral projection techniques I used to find my body would get to the state where it began to feel vibrationy and such. Now I can’t even get to that stage anymore and spend so much energy visualising and trying to relax that by the time I am fully relaxed (Even though i can’t get to the stage of sleep paralysis) i am mentally exhausted and have no will to continue and choose to roll over and fall asleep. Usually I end up turning over and my body feels as though it’s rested a lot though, but I’m stuck and could use more suggestions or tips or anything on what I’m doing wrong. I also find sometimes I get to a point where my mind blanks out for a second – but then after this second I am wide awake and mentally aware again. Can anyone elaborate on any of this?


  • You are trying too hard. Most of the time astral projection happens by accident, and it is pretty rare that people actually control it. When one astral projects accidentally, it is usually in their sleep, and they don’t know what has actually happened, and this is what causes the sleep paralysis.

    The only way that I personally was able to gain some control over it was to focus instead on dream work. Study up on dreaming techniques, particularly lucid dreaming as most of these are actually astral projecting. Keep a dream journal and practice trying to control your dreams. When you have lots of lucid dreaming (where you are in control of your dream and are aware that you are dreaming) then learn to pay attention to the process that actually gets you into the dream. That is where you will learn your own individual way of achieving the projection.

    Ignore all of the negative comments here. Astral projection is perfectly natural, and most of these people have probably done it without even being aware of it, and they didn’t even have to use a crack pipe lol. Try running a search on “lucid dreaming and astral projection” and you will get a lot of help. Also, try to get a friend to practice with you. If you can try to have collective lucid dreams, and are able to compare notes and find that you have had the same experiences that were not discussed previously, then you will have recorded evidence of the astral projecting.

    Good luck to you and blessed be!

  • In order to do astral projection in the right way ,then one must become so relaxed that the hearty rate is slowed down and the person will still remain conscious and to enter the dream state awakened and from their one must do the work at astral projection.The most safest way of doing so is to engage in somekind of service work during out of body activities ,thus we all lean to become astral serviceers while out of the body and the helping of those who are dis-carnated and who are in need of help in the guiding them onto the right path that will lead then back into the world again with their loved ones once again.

  • The guided meditaitng cd’s are a really good idea. If you ahve hit a wall fo sorts maybe you have gone as far as you are meant to at this time. I know it sounds trite, but simetimes the harder you try the harder you make it. try simply meditating without any specifinc goal on mind.

  • Since it’s nothing but a manifestation of the brain which can be induced in the lab, offer yourself up as a volunteer at the nearest medical school’s neurology department.

    They can attach electrodes, send you on your way and do other brain stimulations without even shaving your head!

  • ok well if mediation alone isnt working for you , tr guided meditation cds or things of that sort . often times when you cannot travel its usually bc it is not meant for to do so at that time or to that place . be patient and persistant and things should work out well . blessings be silver
    ps hun dont listen to the idle chatter of others .. its never worth it 🙂

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