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astral projection, can an evil spirit get inside you?

You know, since your spiritual self leaves your body, can’t an evil spirit come and get inside of you?


  1. It’s possible, although you are still attached by the life line. You would and can kick them out.
    I know that because I once astral projected, and saw this bad spirit that was coming around for a few months. I saw him at the foot of my bed, I went over to him grabbed, threw and held him on the floor. You see when I astral projected I am spirit too now, I could kick his a**:)

  2. No, because there is no such thing as evil spirits. Besides you are still connected to your body. If you ever get disconnected then you die.

    • for Harry – i hope you see this..
      I have been disconnected from my body for abt a year… as i believe there was a evil spirit inside me.. it was awful painful and scary I AM STILL alive as i didnt know what was going on, and i kept on fighting it.. lately i found out that i was being cursed or being put a deadly spell.. therefore that evil spirit and who ever done that to me wanted to kill me. F****** they didnt manage to do so AS I AM STILL ALIVE :-)) and i am still fighting to get my life back. so yes u actually die if u get disconnected so i must have angels and saints with me all these time!!

  3. To answer your question, then no. I am not big on ‘evil’ spirits, the only evil ones or demons that I have ever come across are the ones that my own fears, anger etc have created from within my self. That’s not to say I don’t believe in the paranormal though 🙂
    Hope this helps.

  4. You are assuming that you actually have a spirit inside of you, and that spirit can leave your body and go somewhere. You are also assuming that evil spirits actually exist. Not only are these notions implausible and improbable, they are outside of all science and physics.
    Not one single shred of evidence exists to support the existence of spirits, regardless of you read in top selling books or see on high rating paranormal TV shows.
    So the answer is a no.
    I encourage you to keep an open mind though, just not so open that your brains fall out.

  5. Spirits are nothing but our own imaginations. Sometimes we get too obsessed to recognize what our brain thinks. we start believing that those events are taking place, which are actually in your imagination.

  6. Spirits are nothing more than the mood we are in. Yes, a person can be in or get an evil spirit. It is also possible to have a good spirit, but we can’t have them both at the same time. Our moods can be transferred to other people. In that manor the spirit has moved.

  7. To answer YES an evil spirit CAN get inside you…
    Listen i don’t know about what the others are saying but i have to ask this?
    Do you believe in life after death?
    Do you believe in good and evil?
    Do you believe in the good and evil inside yourself?
    There Are evil forces out there and they are around us..
    when you are alone when your with family when you do good and bad.
    They can be good spirits too! The good cannot be without bad and bad cannot be without the good.

  8. to put it simply–no. They can’t. Don’t worry about it. The only thing evil can do is make you afraid.

  9. You can be psychically attacked both from the astral plane and from other influences in the physical plane. You can shield yourself in the physical plane by putting in place a psychic shield (just imagine a white light) before you start astral projection. Within the astral plane, you can defend yourself from psychic attacks sheerly with your will. Imagine a weapon and you will have it.

  10. It’s possible but extremely rare. Most people have natural protection that prevents that. You’re far more likely to be INFLUENCED by a negative entity that possessed.

  11. You know the only people I have seen who have been possessed are the people who believe in demons and that they can possess you. I have to wonder why those of us who do not believe in demons are never possessed. So to answer your question no, unless the astral traveler believes in demons and is afraid of possession but most people I know who are likely to be possessed by imaginary demons would not be an astral traveler because of their religious convictions.

  12. right im only 13
    an i keep hearing voises an seeing people walk towords me then just disapear
    an i feel likee im ebing control by someone eles i dont no what to do

  13. Aqua
    My question was not answered. Can a evil spirit get into your body? I feel that one is in my body and want it out. Please help.

    • How did you make out with the evil spirit you spoke of in 2012? I’m very curious and was just about to tell you to get a piece of good Orgonite, not sure which minerals or metals work best for this but I remember hearing about one or two that worked really well. As you learn about Orgonite you will be convinced also that its capabilities are very very real.

  14. Exploring our consciousness is more natural than being loaded down with barriers like man-made belief systems. Had man-made belief systems never been introduced then the human race would have evolved the way we were meant to evolve. Our physical life here on Earth is only the beginning of a long life ahead, and not a physical one. It is not the end. Our consciousness is our primary existence and our physical existence is secondary.

    • No. The only evil spirits you will encounter are the ones that your sub-conscious reveals and if you confront them they will go away. Throw away all your belief systems and fears. You can not become possessed by an evil spirit. Try confronting your fears and you will be amazed how they will dissipate.


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