Sunday, September 26, 2021

astral projection best technique?

what is teh best and easyest way 2 separate the body from the physical body? i have gotten to the vibration part but i cant get the astral body out it somehow stays and i lose concentration what is best to help this? also can the silver cord be broken in the astral plane how can i prevent this?


  1. Hehe, you sound like me! I totally get to the vibration part all the time! I lose it at that part because I get so super excited that I got to it LOL.
    You’re super close to getting there, the last part just takes practice to get used to it so you can get past it, y’know? After being in the vibration part for a while, you’re supposed to be able to just sit up and whoosh! you’re in action! So, I think it just takes a bit of getting used to! 😀
    And as far as I know, the cord can’t be broken cause its part of your energy, it’s what keeps you connected to your body 😀 So, don’t worry about that, it’ll be alright! <3

  2. Hang a white bed sheet on the wall. Turn on a floodlight behind you. Make little shadow puppets on the wall. One of them should be able to project itself onto the astral plane. If you hear jet engines in the distance, you’ll know it made it.


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