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Astral projection as a form of space travel, is this the way forward?

7 months in a spaceship to get to mars, and we know there is little chance of finding anything Intelligent there.so why not astral projection? no spaceships, no food or water, and above all no time. its no more far fetched as bending space and time,. and its cheaper,and we can all go. what do you think?


  1. Astral projection does not exist.
    It is believed in by people who can’t tell the difference between their imagination, dreams and reality.

  2. We do it all the time. Just say that prayer by the psychic Sylvia Brown and you’ll be there in a flash. Just read one of her books, it clearly said that our soul leaves our body at least three times a week to visit the other side, God, other planets using astral projection. Now if we could only learn to remember our voyage and report back to earth. SEE there you go. I bet you did not know we all had a little astronomer within us. LOL

  3. If Astral projection would work. But it doesn’t.
    Simple test: Let astral projection fans go to a special random place, which you defined. For example, let them aim for the place of Mars, which is in the center of the disk you can see from Earth (so nobody can complain about navigation working different, they have their chance). Let them describe what they see there. In detail. Ask for weather and position of the sun in the sky.
    You will soon find out, that the things, astral projected tell you, are not fitting to the place you send them. Even worse, thanks to sun angle and weather, you can even tell that they are not at Mars.
    It is no way of travel, it is pure imagination.

  4. yeah, actually it is more far-fetched than bending space and time. while bending space and time can be calculated or theorized on scientifically (that is, quantitatively), astral projection is something that new age gurus and hacks write about mainly to get paid.
    so good luck with projection your astral projected mind or whatever it is to Mars.
    Also, would you be able to astral project equipment with you. After all, there must be tests done, experiments, digging, etc.
    Finally, do you get hungry when you’re astral-planing?


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