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Astral Projection and your body being open to possesion?

If your spirit wasnt in your body wouldnt it be possible for another spirit to take over your body?
What are the theories on this type of possesion.
I Personally do believe in astral projection and in possesion, but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

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  1. every a/p guide begins with the “there is no danger of someone/something else possessing your own body”.
    and it’s true.

  2. Your spirit is always connected to your body by a silver thread which can’t be severed. Thus you are always able to come back to your body. For another spirit to possess you, it would have to be non-living (not attached to its body anymore), then it would have to try to get in, which I’m pretty sure would pull you back immediately. Then it’s got an unhappy you to deal with. In short, I really don’t think it’s possible.

  3. i dont know, sounds plausible, assuming there are tons of spirits floating around.
    When people have a possesion, like in the movies it wasn’t because they were doing AP, but it doesn’t mean that it cant happen. If AP is true.

  4. I hear just being in a drunken blackout is a temporary possession by an invading entity. It wants to enjoy your buzz!
    But you kick them out when you come back to your senses.
    Possession is rare. And one basically has to invite it. An obsession is more common. Like a lost soul that doesn’t realize it no longer lives in our dimension, and hangs around someone that can sense it, and bothers them.

  5. I think the person who would be possesed of possetion was real would be put in a mental hospital do to the two souls fighing.

  6. I do not think so. From all of my studies on the topic of possession, what I have come to see is that there is actually a spiritual law in place. This law states that a persona can NOT be possessed without giving express permission to a demon.
    Look at Voodoo for example. The typical practice in this religion is for a person to become possessed for a short period of time.
    But I have to say, I am really no expert on this topic. I would like to hear some of the other responses.

  7. Astral Projection is a term almost never used in the scientific research literature. The current term is Out-of-Body Experience. This is due in large part to there being no way to determine if your soul, spirit, or you is actually out of your body. This would first require defining those terms above (soul, spirit, you).
    It also impossible to distinguish whether information acquired was due to you being out of body or to ESP.
    Even experiments (few have been done) that use physical detectors like a strain gauge or pressure plates are impossible to eliminate PK (psychokinesis) as an explanation for them measuring strain or pressure, etc.
    The StarGate Remote Reviewing program would suggest that you do not actually leave the body, thus you are not open to possession.
    However, David Morehouse (Stargate RV Program) reported in his book “Psychic Warrior” that he was seen by another person at least once when he was remote viewing.
    I have included a link below to the Parapsychological Association if you would like to read up more on the direction that this research has taken.


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