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Astral projection and how to do it?

Hey guys of yahoo! I just found out about astral project recently and I’m 13 yrs old. I can get into the sleep paralysis vibration state and I imagine myself climbing a rope and i keep breathing in my nose and out my mouth but it doesn’t seem to work? Please, any help is appreciated.

Don’t comment if you don’t believe in Astral Projection or OBE’s please.

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Hey, do football players play a game without training for it?
Do track runners run without practicing?
They all train in order to do something.

And that is what you must do. You must train yourself in order to astral project. The key to astral projection is concentration. If you start meditating now, and learning how to concentrate… you can astral project in 2 months.

Read the book “Astral Projection and Dreams” by Beelzebub.


This video explains how to astral project really well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmIJ9LD7yE8

Watch that and you should be good to go. 🙂


You have a question but you only want to hear false answers. You won’t learn much that way. There is NO such ability. Please stop letting people make a fool of you.

Tim M

Many individuals do claim to be able to “Astral Project” themselves or as well have “Out Of Body Experiences”. This state can come upon you without warning,to some, and as well it can take some skill or practice to achieve this state. Native American Shaman and Holy men / Medicine Men were able to travel to the “Spirit Realm” and this has been interpreted to actually be what some refer to as astral projection or such an out of body experience. Some of the descriptions of their travels are quite compelling. Also within Hinduism and Buddhism there are accounts of… Read more »


THAT’S THE PROBLEM, YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN YOUR BREATHING and your heart rate will slow down, that’s the key for it to happen.

Some dude

I’d suggest reading a book by William Buhlman or Robert Monroe.