• I’m Christian and know God is real. I am a lower not just a believer. But I absolutely cannot sleep at night. As soon as I fall asleep I am paralyzed and feel an evil presence attack me. It’s tried to smother me, and sometimes I feel I’m being penetrated. Don’t know what to make of this. Can anyone help?

  • I’m a Christian who projects all the time. The non-physical conditioning that it provides significantly eases receptivity to doses of Holy Spirit so all the anti-projection scaremongering is in fact completely back to front. It’s a bit of a shame really.

  • That just goes to prove that if someone makes you believe that something which does not harm anyone is wrong it is just pure fear mongering.

    I used to be a Christian and I am no longer. I’m so much happier believing there is a God/Devine/Universal Energy/Source/Spirit (not quite sure what it is called but it’s definitely there) but I do not follow the rules and followings set down by Jesus/Krishna (the Hindu equivalent to Jesus) or any other prophet, saint or ordinary man.

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