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Astral Projection, a sin for Christians?

Hi, I was recently visiting a forum looking for informacion on sleep paralysis, and some people started mentioning that with sleep paralysis, it’s easier to astral project.

I have never heard of astral projection before, nor do I know if it’s even real. I’m not interested in trying it, but I would like to know if it’s a sin?

Thank you.
Well, one of my fears is that I may be able to do this. I don’t want to get to into details, because I am a skeptic, and believe my mind is very imaginative.

Any who, some felt, due to experiences I’ve had during sleep paralysis, that I had actually already acomplished this.

I just don’t want to unknowingly, do something wrong, or if I am, (if it’s real) how do I stop?


  • It would be classified as a miracle and you might qualify for sainthood if you impress a crowd of villagers with torches and pitchforks!

  • no. i experienced one for about a 3 second ride once, it was brought on by sleep paralysis that took about 10 minutes to completely shake off.
    and that was a natural phenom brought on by exhaustion for going without sleep for about 2 days at work. its definately at least a chemical experience. It is very visceral when it happens. I can see why someone might argue doing so intentionally would be a sin. During this extremely short ride I didnt even make it through the ceiling in the room where I lay, I felt a presense and was immediately retracted to my body. Awake and communed with by unidentifable entity that may actually just have been static in the brain. It said one thing in what I would otherwise believe to be telepathy an actual sentence and I had an idea of its presence then it was gone as my body slowly came back under motor control. I slapped myself in the face twice very hard while trying to jiggle my arms back awake. It was so many things at once, exhaustion, extasy, then fear and bewilderment, finishing with humor. All inside 10 minutes or so. Dazed logically about my experience for the next two weeks or so, I consulted and looked into what had happened to me. I have found very strong arguments that make sense from a chemical standpoint, whereas knowing there is a chemical stored in the brain until it is released then, perhaps it stocks up. Going 2 days without sleep could release a larger than normal discharge from the gland. So it would not be evenly distributed before it began to take effect in the first areas it hit. The feeling of extasy to release from the overwhelming soreness I was aware of and the sensation of wieghtlessness and drifting upwards might be a combination of hallucinating after teh last thing I had seen (the ceiling) before closing my eyes. and a total breakdown of the nervous system including awareness of wieght or gravity. Although my body and sympathetic/parasympathetic may have gone offline very quickly my conscience was out of sync and still somewhat aware of my position. Whatever was that caused me to retract and awake I felt a dull static inside my head much like you feel when a limb falls asleep and i was at that moment affectively paralyzed. I drooled and howled at my predicament and heard a statement from inside my head that almost made sense before i cognitively completely woke up and then began the process of thrashing my body awake.
    I can understand spiritual beliefs based on astral projection and superstitions tied to such occurences, whereas my experience could be written off with much more technical proficiency in medicine than i have demonstrated here, the experience was very visceral and many things at once. I dont think astral projection is such a metaphysical thing as it may be a spiritual one for the state of shock and mind it will leave you in if you every experience one. I cannot say that it is healthy at all. And perhaps therein is your sin. To disgrace your own body by initiating such an experience might not be the worst thing you could do to yourself, but I really cant think why it would be a healthy practice at all.

  • Astral projection is pseudo-science. I can’t imagine an illness or disability bringing about a brush with pseudo-science. Just as I can’t imagine someone questioning if it’s a sin. It’s like asking if Santa will be pissed if I leave cookies for the Easter Bunny……

  • Why would it be a sin? if the church said ‘brushing ur teeth is a sin’ does that mean you wont brush ur teeth anymore? your life and your body is your own, it does not belong to a church, so do whatever you want

  • Don’t mess with that stuff. Think about it. If you’re not in your body, it’s open for someone else to take it. You’re not there defending it.

  • Astral Projection.
    The traveller finds him- or herself in an apparently real domain, analogous to the “other worlds” experienced by traditional peoples, which have no parallel to any physical setting or to consensus reality, described by New Agers and occultists as the astral plane or the astral.

    Astral Projection is common in the new age movement. The thing about the new age movement is the only thing new age about it is the name. It has previously been described as the occult and even witch craft, sorcery and deviation.
    The bible is very clear about these type of things that they should not be practiced.

    Therefore I believe it is a sin to do most things tied in to the new age movement, or at the very lest be very careful about it and see what your Bible says.

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