• lol last time I did it I could barely move so I didnt really get to go anywhere =P

    no wait actually. i went in the living room and looked at my parrots and they looked so different and the colors were so wow :/

  • Closest I’ve gotten is putting my body to sleep and keeping my mind awake.

    Sleep paralysis is scary, because you are “awake” but your body is not. If it is rea, and not just a dream, I hope to go see anything.

    I haven’t tried again in a while.

  • Im not sure if ive astal projected or if I was just sleeping but I would always visit my old houses or apartments that I have lived in at one point or another how ever somethings are different but mostly the way I generally remembered the place. (this happens after I experience or while I experience sleep paralysis which many say is the first step in astral projecting,,,) What makes me think this is sleep paralysis kind of has to do with the movie the others…. yea…i could keep going lol

    add: how about you im curious to know you seem experienced!

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