Astral Catalepsy/Astral Projection/Sleep Paralysis….Difference?

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ive been having sleep paralysis for a few years, wondering if theres anyway i can stop it from happening completely? its terrifying! last night it happened about 4 times..

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andy e

I have it sometimes,it’s linked to stress.There is nothing supernatural about it.

Rallie Florencio C

Astral epilepsy?
Clear your mind by consulting a psychologist to take off any stress you have in life.

Who are you?

I would try regression or some type of hypnosis as a last resort but possibly try meditating before bed. I tried Astral Projection for years and could never do it, but then one day 5/6 years later….it just happened and now i do it maybe once or twice a month.

Tom I

Sleep paralysis is basically the stage of astral projection where your car engine is running but you’re still in neutral. If you freak and claw at the windows to get out you just wind yourself up. It’s far better to just get in gear and drive somewhere wonderful – it’s all about taking control of your own mind. If you’d rather just get some sleep, avoid sleeping on your back and you’ll get an 80% reduction in paralysis.


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