Astral catalepsy or sleep paralysis?

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Or whatever you want to call it.
I’ve been having these weird dreams that start a couple of months ago. They started happening a few times a week and then they stopped for a little while and now they’re back.
Basically, something wakes me up and I see the bedroom and I feel like there’s someone in the room with me–I feel covers move, I feel someone slip into bed beside me, I feel pressure up against my body (not exactly like a person, but like something is pushing up against me) and I feel a weird sensation all over my body (like the feeling you get when your leg falls asleep and it tingles when you get circulation again–like that, all over) and sometimes I hear noises, like voices saying something that I don’t quite hear or understand, sometimes mumbling. Also, I feel like I’m shaking (maybe out of fear). Lately, they’ve been kind of like that. I wake up, opening my eyes and looking at what is before me, then I begin closing them again because I feel tired and want to go back to sleep. Anyway, when I close my eyes, I feel a vibration on the bed (like a small but very evident earthquake) when my eyes are closed so I open my eyes and it stops, but when my eyes close again, I feel the shaking again and I know what’s coming. Surely enough, I feel that same cold, tingly sensation all over my body and I freak out trying to get myself up but I can’t move–sometimes, it just feels like something is pressing up against me or even entering me. All of that is pretty scary to me. But the scariest part of it all, even scarier than feeling like someone is there and hearing like someone is there is actually seeing someone there. And not a person either (although that would be really freaky, too) but figures.
The first time I had a dream like this, i saw a clear figure that I could only see the outline as it was moving around, running on the bed toward the window before it quickly stopped and looked back at me and I saw the light reflecting off of its form. It looked back at me for only a moment and then rushed towards me and I felt the bed move and then suddenly it was leaning over me. I felt a pressure against my chest like it was sitting on me or something, then the face got closer to my face and it felt like it was sucking the life out of me. Then, after that was over, I was terrified!!
Now, I see figures in black or white (sometimes I can see a blurry face, sometimes I can’t see anything but a figure). This morning when I woke up, I knew what was going to happen because of the vibrations, so I felt disoriented and wanted to get up before I saw anything. I was laying on my left side and managed to roll to my back, but then I was paralyzed and I felt the vibrations and the tingly-ness and I saw three figures, two white-ish (I think) and one black, they all had faces but I can’t recall much about those faces now. They all seemed to be floating or flying toward me but I was slightly distracted with my trying-to-wake-up. I felt the pressure on my body along with an added tingly feeling and as the figures flew up to where I was, it seemed like they were entering me. As soon as that subsided, I was able to move again and I was really scared–I was shaking and I felt a slight tingling still and I was a little cold and breathless. That was my que to get up and after a few moments I felt myself calming down.
Can anyone explain any of this to me. I tried reading into it and I learned that people who experience this also see figures or “entities” but they never mention whether it scared them or not. It’s always, “yeah, my spirit left my body and I saw my dead grandfather and we hugged”; or “I leave my body and roam the city seeing people who are awake, other spirits who left their body, and spirits who have passed”.

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Yeah, I’m going to say sleep paralysis.


Its called a lucid or waking dream and they are very common indeed, in fact, most people have had one and they are closely related to things like sleep paralysis, like having the sheets tightened around you, or having a cold breeze blowing on the parts of you that arent under the covers.


Yep, that sounds like sleep paralysis all right. Your body paralyses your muscles while you’re dreaming, which is what prevents you from physically acting out your dreams. Occasionally you wake up during that process and you’re unable to move. And experiencing hallucinations, particularly tactile hallucinations, is pretty much standard during sleep paralysis.

Tom I

It’s both sleep paralysis and the early stages of an astral projection, same thing. The tingly feelings are you, your non-physical energy circulating – learn to love these feelings! A good working definition of the vibrations is energetic turbulence – this will dissipate if you leave your body behind.
The presence above you is very likely just a self-created symbol of your fears, but there is also a tiny chance it’s something else. Best thing is to just remain calm and knock it senseless – you are enormously powerful in this state, you just don’t know it yet! This stuff can be scary to start with, but that’s because you’re staying in a low vibration state. If you actually get out of neutral and fly somewhere, your vibrations will raise, and the fear will go.
Maybe this run-down of out of body basics will help:
Check out the forums if you need more info, they’re very good.


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