Assuming we cannot create negative energy?

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then wouldn’t it be logical to state that from a Christian perspective Hell is the complete and total absence of God for an eternity?
For example, cold is merely the absence of heat, dark is just the absence of light, etc.

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Yeah but Christians will tell you God is everywhere, so Hell can’t be the absence of God.


If that is true then you are saying God is not omnipresent.
Nice job.
Now since you say he isn’t everywhere lets wipe out the all-knowing and all-powerful claims too.


would never admit to that. worse yet would never allow another to say it believe it etc…

Many Shades of Gray

I always disliked Thomas Aquinas’ reasoning. When you’re talking about concepts rather than physical phenomena, it is not valid to say that the absence of something is the existence of something else. Why wouldn’t the inverse also be true? I.E. – If it is correct to say that evil is merely the absence of good, why wouldn’t it also be perfectly correct to say that good is just the absence of evil? And besides, not everything that has a contrasting opposite is just the absence of something else. I always thought the argument was founded on some shaky logic.
A perfect example of this would be color. When you’re talking about light, white light is a combination of all colors. Darkness would be the absence of color. But when you’re talking about pigments, the opposite is true. Try mixing paint of all colors together. You get black. White in this sense is the absence of color.


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