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Assuming cats exist, do they have consciousness in any sense that humans do?

The ultimate question is: Does my cat really love me? Or is this just an illusion?


  1. I would suggest that cats do have consciousness, but they are too upper class to let you know.
    Cats certainly have feelings towards particular people. My wife feeds ours, checks the liquids and makes sure there is enough bedding, but who does she approach first when coming inside – ME

  2. cats are complex creatures atleast more than a dog they have selfesttem consciousness and are quick learners and they have preferences about people but be sure your cat loves you

  3. I think they are intelligent an can make links. My cats appear to like me but I think its more that they have linked me to provision of food, water, warmth etc.
    They both come running when I get in, but that’s probably because they’re hopeing for more food. They like to sit on me when I watch TV, but I think if there was something warmer to sit on then they’d sit on that. They appear to prefer me over others, but I think thats because they either haven’t made the “this person is of benefit to me” link, or they are afraid of them.
    They come to me “for fuss”, but I think they are wanting play, need a scratch, or just want to put their scent on me.
    So, no I don’t think cats “love” their owners (as much as I’d like to think they do), but I do think they recognise them and the benefits of being in partnership with them.

  4. Probably cats have a sort of consciousness; they notice and react to things when they are awake, but not when they are asleep (unconscious).
    Consciousness takes a big jump when you have the language to encode events. If you think back to your earliest memories, they depend on language for encoding. We can’t remember events before we had fairly sophisticated language.
    As to love, be serious. Cats are incapable of love. They will nuzzle you one minute and sink in tooth or claw the next. They are takers, not givers. If you want love, get a dog.

  5. I think that cats have consciousness. I have a overrun of cats at my house. First the 1st wild mom cat shows up with three kittens. They come and go. Then mom is gone and two kittens leave. They grow alittle more. Sister gets pregnate and has four kittens at 6mos. old. She is a bad mom and does stay with the babies very much. Just enough to feed them. They grow alittle more. They all four sleep on the porch of your house. This one little kitten was different. He loves to play with anything that moves. When the others in his family was eating their dinners he wanted to be with me. He would love for me to pet him and purr really loud. I tried to bring him in the house but my cat hated him. So very night he would play with me in my sewing room. We are really close. But one day I noticed that he had a bump on his back. It got bigger and bigger. then it was gone. he was running around and playing. I noticed that he was breath hard. I took him to the drs. Nothing they can do for him… Sadly I had to put my little friend to sleep. So I guess I hope that he did have a consciousness?? Or did he not know what was going to happen to him???? Why that little guy??? I miss him so much??? I wish I didn’t have consciousness!! I just want my friend back..


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