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Asked this question in spirituality, but the religous fanatics told me im going to hell…?

I have this insane attraction to this guy Its not like a regular attraction. Its like I know
his feelings & his heart behind his facade…its like really strong energy in my heart chakra & solar plexus…very intense & scary….& before I know he is around, same energy, & pow there he is Also I havent
heard from him in a month, typical, he likes
to take time alone(mars n cancer?) & I had a really crazy dream about him telling me wht he was goin through, & I woke up feeling like me & him had a counseling session in the astral… Weird… Sorry for rambling…Ok so I wanna know if our birth charts could hold some answers to this soul connection thing, are they related? His dob 6/17/85 mine is
11/26/85, so does that compatibility make
him my mirror, my polarity? Please be nice…i dnt want to be judged.


  • you know whats a good section for this too maybe, you could have luck in the science section– they have an alternative science section.. they’d talk about astrals and energy there..
    off the top of my head i can’t remember which aspect i read that does things like that you mentioned.. i just figured i’d let you know about the other section too

  • I dont know .. sumtimes ur attracted to a certain person. And u cant explain it..and yet u cant stop it. its just an attraction, and like a soul thing.. sumthings are unexplainable.. but if nothing is goin on with him u mite just have to let go and have to continue it if he comes along and feels the same way

  • We have the same birthday, but different year 🙂

    I’m not really sure about the answer to your question, but you’re a Sagittarius & he’s a Gemini and I’ve always felt kind of a weird pull with other Gems. Maybe because we’re opposites? I either love them or hate them, but there is always something there kind of like you’re describing. Not sure if this helps, but it’s my best guess.

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