Aside from the Joy of Satan, are there any other legitimate Satanic organizations that worship Satan?

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and engage in kundalini yoga?

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2nd In Command to Chris

how about China and Iran?

I love Casie

All I know is LaVeyan Satanism which is atheistic. sorry


Temple of Set is a theistic satanic religion as well as the Luciferians.

Ruth Asher - JBC, JPA

they aren’t caught up in Neo-Nazi ideology or aliens.


Is there a specific pattern of asanas or positions one must follow in order to perform yoga?

Can someone perform random asanas and stretches in a sequence and still be practicing yoga correctly?

If Christianity is so true, why are they afraid to look into other religions and the occult?

If the Occult is all lies, then why do you fear it? If Christianity is so true, why do you teach your children to...

If astrology is real does it cancel out the possibility of other religions?

I know astrology isn't a religion. not saying it is. I'm not saying I believe in it either. I'm just curious.

Why would you degrade Buddhism if you know nothing about it?

Needless to say, if you don't do this, this isn't applicable to you. I'm merely talking about the members of said religions who DO...

whats the difference between reincarnation and rebirth?

its sort of the same thing.whats the difference.their treated different so whats the difference between them.tell me whats the difference between them.
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