Ascension in 2012, what will happen to those who are positive and awake?

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and what will happen to those who are unaware of it and stay negative and asleep?

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Paul B

Exactly the same thing: not a lot.

Joe the Destroyer

Nothing. It’ll be another year just like every other.


Do not listen to anyone who sets dates….Only God knows the hour when Jesus returns.


The same as when people die tomorrow or next week or next year.
Your question seems to imply that “ascension” will occur in 2012. And while that may be true for some people (people die all the time), 2012 will not be the end for everyone.


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. Is there more brain energy to harness from thought telepathy.... than that we're really aware of ? Are we Perfect.......0r imperfect? .

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my question is, do we all use 10% of our brain? if so, how can we use more of our brain?
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