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As you look in your crystal ball,where do you see A-Rod next year?

There are teams I DON’T see him with:the Cubs,Red Sox,Mariners,Rangers,Tigers,Pirates,Phillies,Mets,Orioles,Devil Rays,Astros,Twins,Giants


  1. Ugh, NOT Boston. I’d rather pay Mike Lowell the same amount as A-Rod just made with his last contract. I hope A-Rod goes to the national league. Houston or Atlanta or something.
    Solly- it’s been a long time coming up here. We waited decades for the Pats first Superbowl, after those 1980’s chokes it felt good to get it. The other two are just icing on the cake. We also waited 86 years for the Sox to win the World Series. We paid our dues up here. When it rains it pours. If you think all is good, just look at the Bruins and Celtics. Philly’s time will come eventually.

  2. You forgot the Reds, Mets, Orioles, Blue Jays, Indians, Royals, White Sox, Athletics, Braves, Nationals, Marlins, Brewers, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Padres, Rockies and Angels.

  3. I wish he would end up in Philly, but it looks like were going after Lowell from Boston..I would bet A-Rod
    ( The best in MLB ) will go to Boston…and boy to hate the New Egland area right now…three super bowls, one more comming this year, a worldseries in 04…it sucks…why can’t philly win some thing…

  4. well you would better hope that you have a rod not going to the twins there is no way they can afford him let alone keeping hunter and santana. hunter is goingto be going to new york so maybe that will have an impact on what a rod decides on opting out of his contract or not

  5. He won’t go to the Cubs b/c they don’t have a true owner right now. He won’t stay in NY at the moment b/c after another year of playoff failure they’ve had it. The Red Sox and Braves already have established third baseman. The only team that would negotiate with Boras would probably be the Angels, but they have the essentials to be a great team w/o A-Rod. Plus what would you get if you mixed a playoff slumping Vlad & A-Rod….no much than what you have right now, minus 400 million over ten years, if that’s what Boras will project. No team will pay over Soriano money (30 mil/yr) and definitely Boras will exceed that so in the end A-Rod will get frustrated and not opt out of his Yankee contract. So in the end A-Rod can blame Andruw Jones, Torii Hunter and Alfonso Soriano (last year) for souring the market he might have thought of venturing out of New York for.

  6. You heard it here first . . . (or maybe you heard it from the same rumor mill I did, in which case you heard it somewhere else first, then read it here first). . . . ARod will sign with . . . the Mets!! Rudy “the Booty” Jaramillo will sign as hitting coach . . . it will be revealed that Alex and Willie are 8th cousins (just like Dick Cheney and Barack Obama – as Lynne Cheney reported on MSNBC while promoting her book). Jose Reyes will either stay at short, with ARod moving to first, or they will turn around and move the immature but promising superstar JRey plus P-Hum and M-Pel (those don’t work very well as nicknames) and get Johann Santana, and lock him up to a long term contract. JWil (that’s Jeff Wilpon, for those of you who are not Met fans) will have pulled a GStein move and locked up 60 mil a year on two future Hall of Famers. It’ll pay off in marketing though.
    Such is the nature of the sport I grew up loving!


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