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As you get older and mature does it seem like that from young to now that you Progressed into a Higher State!?

Of Consciousness? You see The bigger picture more.
Instead of the Small pictures. Or Both?


  1. Definitely. There’s also the perception that time is ‘speeding up’ which is not the case; Soul is. And as one finds a sense of self, there’s less struggle against the eternal “who am I?”
    Plus natural evolution is doing some of that raising of consciousness anyhow.

  2. It is not an age thing as to seeing the whole pic it is taking the time to gather knowledge and being open to all aspects of living ….learning from past hero’s and sharing life experiences….I’ve seen quite a few young people that have old world knowledge and live with greatness…and I’ve seen alot of older people that never really lived as they were stuck….so seeking out truth what it means for you and only you….living by the cloth that you cut and giving of yourself to better the world ……the view from the bottom of the mountain is just as sweet as from the top it is a matter of perspective….we focus on what we value ……

  3. No.
    Consciousness does not depend on circumstances or the condition of life. Whether one is a healthy 15 year old or a healthy 55 year old, the ablity to be aware or to sleep are the same.
    In fact, with age one runs the risk of becoming less acceptable.


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