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As you age year by year, do you find more comfort within and authentic love for yourself?

I find that I love my husband more and more. It’s hard to explain. Perhaps what I mean is it’s more spiritual than in the beginning, yet deeper and more emotionally satisfying.
As for myself, yes, there’s less “ego” than compared to my early youth [lol] …


  1. Yes, as everything starts to sag and wrinkle, it is hard to have much ego left.But, I do have more comfort from within knowing who I am now and where I have been. All else does not matter.

  2. I don’t think everyone does, it is a very interpersonal development that requires attention just like a garden.
    You have grown spiritually, emotionally and have attained a sort of self actualization. Your life currently is stable and satisfaction has been reached. It isn’t for the young to be this self actualized, they are too busy setting the world on fire and learning their life lessons.

  3. Absolutely! It’s freeing, isn’t it? Aging may sap our energy and bring on aches and pains that won’t go away, but it rewards us with an inner peace that has eluded most of us all our lives. For me personally, I find I am better able to listen to God and what He is trying to tell me.

  4. Yes, I do, but I live alone and make a point of understanding the perspectives of others, too. The same respect as for mine. It’s easier now to dismiss outright cynicism, where before I would waste energy arguing.

  5. Interesting question. It would seem that you read the same books that I do, and are working at less “ego” in your life.
    Everything becomes “more” when you start to understand more about what we are really about, doesn’t it. I am a different “person” than I was back even 30 years. Life is about learning, listening and awareness and at 78 years of age that gives me more peace and understanding in my every day life.
    Yes, I do find more comfort now, much more so than in my “early youth”.

  6. I have always loved myself. I love my family too. My children are very important to me and even though we sometimes don’t get along it does not change my feelings for them. Poppy

  7. I don’t know if it’s so much “comfort” as it is “accepting.”
    I know the beauty of youth has faded. I’m not seeking to change that through surgeries, that could be life threatening, all for the sake of my vanity.
    It’s not a comforting thought, but I accept it. I may have an easier time with this b/c I have a husband who has loved me for my authentic self as the decades have passed us by.
    I relate heavily on not having words that describe a love that has grown into a great love & then beyond. The English adjectives fail to offer description past a certain point. That type of love does make it more comfortable to share more of one’s inner thoughts & feelings that I would have never had the security to do in my youth.
    It takes the growing together over time & trials.
    But I’m still learning to “become” my authentic self. I’m glad I’ve been blessed w/ such an awesome help-mate as my husband for this life’s journey.


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