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As the Tree of Life and the Holy Mountain is associated with the spinal column within the body does the?

blessed Serpent, Kundalini Shakti live in you, becomes you?
I don’t give thumbs down.


  1. You’ve got to admire how the God religious with their demands that a talking snake exists, and then deny it with their next breath. ROFL.
    Talk about fulfill their own prophesy of demanding a belief, but denying its power.
    But in answer to your question, yes sweetie, I’m fully entwined. . 🙂
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  2. Well now… It is my humble opinion that it happens for everyone… just a lot more for those whom worship to the Goddess/God.
    Mine is an inclusive path, that God has many names and can be worshiped many different ways. I believe this way because of the story of the Tower of Babel. It seems that many other faiths have such a story in them… and who am I to question the Will of God, for not a one of those stories says a thing about taking away their love of God when he changed their skin and their voice…
    As a Recovering Christian, it makes sense to me that the lost years of Jesus were spent in India, as new evidence has indicated… It also makes me wonder why so many Native American Traditions have a story of a White Man (Possible middle eastern) around the same time period… As a matter of … well I almost said fact… but I can hardly speak for most of the Tribes as We Whites have wiped so many of them off the face of the earth…
    My faith holds that it does not matter what you believe, only that you have something to believe in… For the Maker of all things requires ALL KINDS as well! A path that some find fault with… Most find fault with… but it is MY path, and as such, I answer your question with a YES, I AM THE GOD/GODDESS, as is everyone else who shares Life, just some know more about it than others do, and work harder at the path they were given for the great plan… While we have free choice, certain events still happen for a reason…
    I was very recently told “What ever that is” in refference to OUR shared Soul… for this is how I believe, that the GOD SPARK is the vibration found in every atom of matter. Those groupings of atoms that have achieved thought are but a small part of a great whole single soul… and that what we would not even think about haveing thought, has thought if you just learn how to listen… Trees are fun to talk with if you find an old one away from traffic… Go out and find a tree, and lean your back to it with the sun in your face, and daydream… What’s the matter, afraid?


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