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As matter is condensed energy and condensed energy is intense energy what's draining the masses?

What causes this widespread sleeping dis-order?


  1. I would say this video expresses the intensity of one without hope Dances! And to me this song expresses the loss…of hope! The anguish within…the pure facts Sir! Oh how we fear….to explore those hallways….those doors….
    A choice must be made to go beyond! To soar….to seek….to go beyond the fall. I see not many want to touch this question, do they..? Only the daring! …perhaps my key has opened a door! Perhaps when we turn around long enough…our eyes of truth will be opened! But first…we must Daring….and Dare to Look…Dare to take a walk on the wild side…Dare to Love enough to go in search of and find the truths which be! To do this ..one must silence the voices of the masses…which would hold us back…and one must be willing to turn…around…go beyond the buzz of those conditions which freeze us into oblivion! You know as I tried to understand theis question…and separate the logic from the illogical…I saw…through the matter! :)) What’s the matter with matter? I think it gets in the way of sight! But we have the power to flow through matter don’t we ?! Those mysterious doorways that matter …can be flown through!
    Lovin enough to see!

  2. Well as usual because I love to I have to be contrarian but I see the opposite going on kind of ala Orwell 1984. I see the masses as having to much energy pent up- especially our favorite kid, the sexual energy- all pent up and repressed until we all go absolutely cashew. There is a great spiritual blockage going on but its only sinister inasmuch as its elusive and deceptive. There’s no evil plot by the powerful to make this happen, its actually our own doing. The blockage is named by some “denial” but get to the make of the mortar in this wall and you find fear, plain as the butt on a baby.
    I guess this really doesn’t answer the question because all I’m doing is elaborating on how I disagree with the premise but maybe-maybe you can break through the spaces between the words and find a nugget of truth, and maybe even agreement.

  3. Matter /condensed energy not properly understood or properly handled causes disturbance in our own energy system
    Why do you ask so difficult Qs ?? :))

  4. “You must realize that pure energy has such transforming pattern-forming propensities that it always appears as its manifestations. It becomes its camouflages.” ~Seth
    Thus, being as this widespread sleeping dis-order has been a growing pattern, it has been supported by an intense energy that loves to become whatever pattern we choose… and I’m pretty sure people love their sleep! 😉


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