Home Discussion Forum as i'm falling asleep i start hearing things?

as i'm falling asleep i start hearing things?

sometimes when im really tired and ready to fall asleep ill hear sounds and once i realize theyre just in my head i wake myself up. these sounds are sometimes accompanied with weird racing thoughts. it’s like i am between being awake and asleep.
am i experiencing my subconscious mind when this happens?


  1. Welcome to the club. I don’t think there is person alive who doesn’t hear noises in their head. Don’t worry about it an go to sleep, you’ve got a busy day tomorrow, what with all this snow that’s flying around.

  2. Yea, this happens to me, and sometime I feel like I want to move my body, my legs, my arms, but can’t though I don’t know if I am asleep or awake, after trying hardly, finally and once I move one limb, I wake up and see my room, it’s kinda scary but happens to me, sometimes it’s not a noise it’s like a conversation between people in my room, I don’t care for them while I am trying to sleep but once I feel it and try to hear, every single sound is gone !!!!!
    I believe this happens because of having a bad day, that’s all, in case you feel uncomfortable go to psychologist, she’ll help you !!


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