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As an internal stylist (specifically tai-chi), what is the appropriate response to violence?

To clarify; we all assume martial artists are fighters (otherwise you wouldn’t be a martial artist, would you??). The question isn’t whether you would fight or not. It’s about “how”. If you’re an internal stylist, the manner should be different, shouldn’t it????


  1. Dont look for trouble………but deal with it if neccesary. Simple as that.
    Stand proud and stand strong….be confident and only respond when a response is needed

  2. don’t look for trouble.
    let trouble look for you.
    in other words,
    open a can of whip ass…
    why talk when you have the power to clench your fist?
    but on a serious note,
    don’t fight, but only use violence for self defense.

  3. Why does this question just for Taiji practitioners and other internal martial artists? Seriously what kind of question is this? U do what ur supposed to do… Defend urself. Ive got no problem what so ever breaking someones sh*t.

  4. think of all the fights you have ever seen.how many was the person minding his own buisness,or just could have left it. i can only count twice out of dozens where the person had to actually defend or get beat up without starting the fight

  5. Anyone who studies martial arts has no control – or rather… should not have any control of their response to violence.
    The arts were developed for this purpose. You train in them repeatedly and they become second nature – almost innate – like walking.
    Do you have to tell your leg to lift your foot? It is something you do unconsciously. How did you learn it? By doing it again and again.
    This is how your art is supposed to manifest in your life.
    The Okinawans and Japanese call this – Mushin.
    In the Bubishi it is referred to in one of the lines of the Poem of the Eight Fists – “techniques occur in the absence of conscious thought”.
    So if your art manifests during an attack on you, it is not your doing, but the result of proper training.
    If you freeze up during an attack – you have not been trained correctly, according to how martial arts are supposed to be trained.
    Most kids ask questions about how to defend against a punch or a kick. This undermines the purpose of learning martial arts.
    They wasted time and money.


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