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As a pagan what are some spells that you would say are the easiest for a "beginner" pagan?

I’ve read about pretty much everything i need to know and im ready to practice witchcraft. I want to be able to atleast perform 1-3 spells befor the next pagan holiday. Which spells do you think would be best for a “beginner” pagan?


  1. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. It’s up to you to figure out what you believe you can and can’t do at this time.

  2. if you had truly ‘read about pretty much everything i need to know’, you wouldn’t have to ask this question. it’s an on-going learning process for the rest of your life. keep reading & learning. when you find the right ones, you’ll know.

  3. 1. Listen to Magic kitty. She knows of what she speaks.
    2. what gives you the idea all pagans do spells? Not all pagans do magic since Paganism is an umbrella name for many different paths and beliefs.

  4. The most important metaphysical working
    that I recommend you learn is doing a basic
    offering. That is a ritual where we often have
    a direct personal experience with deity.

  5. Spells should not be done just so you can say you did a spell. If you can’t think of a spell then you must not have a need as yet.
    It is best to have a need and write your own spell to focus your intent to the outcome that you want.

  6. I would do a circle casting as a good beginning point. You may like to write out a self-dedication ritual and dedicate yourself to the God and Goddess.
    Look at your life. Is there anything you would like to see change? Look up spells that would help you in whatever situations may be going on in your life. Maybe a spell to meet new friends or a banishing spell to rid yourself of negativity.
    As a side note, you are welcome to email me or IM me any time you’d like. I’ll be more than happy to help you out and give you advice if you want it. Just click my avatar to get my email and IM.
    Blessed be!

  7. I don’t think you have read enough and should keep reading.
    Spells are not tricks that you learn to do, they are something you do to help you with various needs/wants.
    There are no “standard” spells to learn like in Harry Potter or Dungeons & Dragons… you create and adapt them for your specific need at the time.
    Casting spells does not take a bunch or words or instructions on a paper.
    Casting spells takes mental discipline developed through meditation, so you can alter your state of consciousness at will, learn to focus, raise and direct energy. It also takes study– understanding of what you are doing, why you are doing it, knowledge that only comes with study.
    Don’t worry about learning spells… learn how to perform magic correctly, then write your own spells.


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