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As a martial artist, do you believe that dim mak (death touch) or chi energy is real?

I was wondering the opinion of other fellow martial artist


  1. depends, all martial arts are just a concept, ideas
    “basic chi” is easy to explain. just breathing methods
    if you strike? breathe out and flex
    if you’re about to get hit? breathe out and flex
    do it wrong? well, why dont you breathe in while getting punched in the stomach and see what happens, you get winded. “chi” in combat is putting your breathing method in synch with your own & your opponents actions
    “dim mak,” is just studying and focusing your strikes on pressure points. in stand up, dim mak isn’t as useful to me. i chain punch the nose, eyes, throat,
    if I enter from the side, i go for the temples, neck, collar bone,
    if i attack from behind, (never done this but) one punch in the back of the head or neck will KO or kill a guy
    after looking at “dim muk,” i see some parts of the ribs, some parts of the back like the spine, etc
    also keep in mind some practitioners are true masters
    while some just use these terms as a marketing technique

  2. I don’t believe either phenomenon exist outside of a Western scientific explanation. Dim mak can be explained via anatomical means, and instances of “chi” can be explained as parlor tricks, biofeedback, or self-hypnosis.

  3. The post before this with the youtube link: Very funny (not saying that about the poster, just the vid, i agree with the poster).
    “They (athletes) learn to translate the energy to not get affected as much” And yet his students got “tased”.
    HAHA so his students are not athletic.
    Of course his heart rate went up, look at his size!
    I don’t think either are “real” but i think that for the “chi” that there may be a way to toughen an area, or overcome the mental aspects of things. I don’t think it’s an actual focusing of energy in the body. As for the “death touch” no way. 40% of people aren’t affected haha, what a bad excuse. Probably lost half of his students..

  4. It’s amazing how many people will say that something that they never actually studied and tried and tested for themselves, is not real.
    There is so much ignorance in this world.
    Lucifer – you have come here asking questions that obviously speak of your complete lack of knowledge of martial arts and yet, you are authoritative enough to answer this question the way you did. DUDE! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MARTIAL ARTS!!! YOUR QUESTIONS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!
    To all else – unless you have taken 3 to 5 years of study under a reputable instructor of Kyusho and other energy based arts, you can not answer the way you did.
    It is like never having eaten an apple in your life, and saying that apples taste like sh!t.
    What does it say about you? It says that you make up stories of things you know nothing about!
    Do the world a favor and stay ignorant because anything else would make you a menace to yourselves!
    Joke-doka(since I am a fraud) – buy yourself a bag of apples.
    I don’t and never did claim to be an expert in it. I understand the science and can apply it but I have sooooo much to learn.

  5. I don’t think you really asked this question to learn anything. I believe that you asked it just to see how many people would agree with you. Anyone that has been to a seminar by Seiyu Oyata knows that Kyusho Jitsu is not fake. On the other hand if you have seen the crap some other famous instructors is saying is Kyusho, then I can understand your not believing it exist. You can believe what you want. That is your right.
    I must agree with Sensei Scandal here about your recent post. You ask many questions but pick the answers that agree with you rather than having an open mind. I also agree that if you don’t have adequate experience, perhaps you should watch the questions instead of giving uninformed answers.
    I don’t agree with some of your post, but I agree fully that Dillman is full of it. He is one of the worst examples of true pressure point techniques. i went to one of his so-called seminars years ago. We almost got into it at one point. He is arrogant and disrespectful.

  6. No. And I’ve only had the idea that it isn’t real reinforced while working towards my biology degree.
    There is no way to touch someone and kill them, unless you ‘touch’ them very hard, and that is called hitting. (or if you touch them with a power line or something). The human body isn’t that brittle. If it were, we wouldn’t be around. Hitting someone in the throat works because it can collapse the cartlidge rings in their trachea and suffocate them. Punching someone hard works due to trauma(damage) induced from being hit hard. If something only works sometimes, and never on somebody who doesn’t believe in it, then it isn’t real.
    Chi energy isn’t real outside of certain basic phenomena, mostly breathing. There are no mystical energy flows through your body. There is blood, lymph fluid, and a nervous system, and those are incredibly hard to disable with a poke, because if they were easy to disable, we wouldn’t have survived. It is downright impossible to cause lasting, let alone fatal damage due to a poke or two, for the same reasons.
    That said, there are pressure points, and jabbing one with some force can cause pain for a brief period of time. This is because these points put pressure on nerves, causing a sensation of severe pain when pressed. This can be disabling, so long as pressure is continually applied. This is very different from what dim mak seems to claim.

  7. As a martial artist I do not believe in Dim Mak, but believe in chi. Not all the fancy stuff you see in movies, but I believe it is the energy that I create to accomplish certain things pertaining to martial arts.

  8. Since this question is based on opinion and not fact I will give my opinion.
    I do believe in chi or energy. I have personal experience with this.
    But I do not believe in Dim Mak. I do think you can knock someone out simple with a touch or no touch.
    However I am aware of pressure point and many of the effects of pressure points.
    Again in regards to dim mak this is based on my opinion. However, I did not believe in acupressure until I witnessed it myself. I don’t believe I will accept dim mak until I experience it myself.
    As far a chi I have felt the energy going through the tips of my fingers. I have felt the energy being transferred from my fingers to other areas. I felt a little crazy trying it until it worked.
    Dillman is a complete fraud. By his own admission it doesn’t work on non-believers. That would include me.

  9. i was debating on whether i should answer this.
    judoka i disagree with you sensei scandal is not a fraud.
    that dillman character is, and you should not base you opinion on him.
    i didnt believe in dim mak until i met professor wally jay he was the one that proved to me that this does work.
    medically speaking if you study anatomy there are points that can be proven, that any doctor can verify. there are points on the body then when severely injured can cause death in a few weeks or instantly. i’m oply talking about the ones that can be medically proven for now. in many arts there are points to strike to knock someone out, its not always referred to as dim mak
    2nd there is a lot of mis-conception it is not what most people believe.
    the main problem with dim mak is all the frauds that claim to know it.
    edit:> i forgot the second part of your question about chi
    chi is the energy produced by you r body. the chinese have different names for different types of energy depending on how your body creates it.

  10. Sensei Scandal, pugpaws2, and Shihan J have it right. Take it from someone that has been skeptical and hit by Oyata Sensei. Also I have seen close up when Oyata Sensei takes down his senior students. I became a believer after that. Dillman is a different story. Check out the Youtube video of Oyata dropping Dillman. 🙂 Dim Mak has a bad reputation and is wrapped up with a mixture of reality and mysticism. No touch knock outs, 🙂 HMMMMMMMMMMM ! I am not convinced. You have to take it as it comes and accept what you will only after you have been convinced. For most people that is too much work and they are willing to just form an uneducated opinion. I tend to shy away from Dim Mak as there are so many out there that abuse the theory. Kyusho Jitsu on the other hand is well proven. Been there – Done that – Got the T-Shirt – Got the pain – OUCH !!!

  11. Me, I do believe some of the stuff about it and I do believe there is a lot of hype about it not to be believed.
    Dim mak: here is a clip of a ninjutsu guy showing a dim mak technique. I definitely believe in stuff like this. I do not believe in the touch a part on some ones head the right way and they die in three days. Like I said you gotta separate what is B.S. and what is not
    Chi energy. I do believe in it. I remember watching a clip about monks who went in to a cave that was below freezing. They took towels and buckets of water with them. They soaked the towels and put them on the monks bare back. In a few moments they were steaming and they could dry the towels like that with out freezing to death. I do not know if that is that some would call chi but it does show that there are ways we can focus the energy in our bodies. I do not belive in chi balls or any thing of the sort. I do not even know if it can be applied to a fight. But I have never trained in it so…


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